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Acorio's Coronavirus Response Plan

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation developing rapidly, Acorio believes it’s important to share how we are responding to the outbreak.

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Annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Executive Summary [eBook]

In this first look at Acorio's annual report, you’ll find out what KPIs, results, and challenges your peers’ measure, what’s on their ServiceNow Roadmap map, what trends you need to know in Service Management, and beyond.

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How to Write an RFP for a Successful ServiceNow Implementation

Learn how to write an RFP for ServiceNow services (and work with the best ServiceNow partner that fits your technological and culture needs!) This blog breaks down the writing process by focusing on 7 components: Clear Vision, Executive Summary, Timeline, Governance, OCM, Case Studies, and Partner Methodology.

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Inspiration For Your ServiceNow Service Portal: A New Portal Lookbook

A year ago we created our first Portal Lookbook, where we featured some of our favorite client Portals and gave you a peek inside their business requirements, page designs, workflow architecture, and more. We've done a lot of client work since then, so it was about time for us to create a second edition of the book.

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Business Management in the “App-for-That” Era

Digital transformation has brought about an ‘app-for-that’ era creating volumes of ‘big data’ that have forever changed the way that we form positions and make decisions. This evolution of technology has disrupted management approaches with the resulting shift placing new mandates for the CIO.

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Common Answers For Your Biggest CSDM Questions: ServiceNow Framework Breakdown

What exactly is the Common Services Data Model?

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Future-Proof Your ServiceNow Strategy: How to Build a Strategic Roadmap

In this webinar, you'll learn how ServiceNow roadmaps are changing, roadmap examples from our clients with varying levels of maturity, and the keys to implementation success like governance and organizational change management.

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You need a plan to optimize your ServiceNow transformation and maximize platform value. Acorio’s Advisory practice offers deep industry and functional expertise to align your organization, assess opportunities, and help you set a course for your ServiceNow transformation. We can create an agile strategy, whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or looking to develop an advanced employee experience, customer upsell strategy, or improve overall operations.

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HR Service Delivery

Today, your HR team is being driven to modernize and industrialize your HR service to accelerate employee productivity. Acorio’s leading HR Service Delivery practice brings true Human Resource practitioners together with ServiceNow experts. Transform employee experiences, improve efficiency and satisfaction, and remove the administrative burden from your HR department with robust case management.

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Customer Service Management

Your customers are asking more of you and expect excellent service and support. Acorio’s global Customer Service Management (CSM) practice takes an industry-based approach to transform your customers’ journey-whether you are serving customers in High Tech, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and more, our robust user-experience based CSM practice drives top-line revenue results, delights customers and initiates efficiency in your organization.

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IT Operations Management

You cannot deliver business reliability without a stable infrastructure and operational management. Acorio is one of ServiceNow’s most trusted IT Operation Management partners. Our unique ITOM Methodology, proven in over 400 projects, gives you the right recipe of technology depth and governance guidance that is critical to long-term success in Discovery, Service Mapping, Cloud Management, Event Management and - most important - a robust and maintainable CMDB.

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IT Business Management

ServiceNow offers a new way to manage your business intelligence and portfolio investments. But aligning your investments to strategic portfolio priorities requires a strong process, powered by technology. Grounded in real-world experience, Acorio’s IT Business Management (ITBM) process transforms how organizations address project prioritization, management, APM, and Agile approaches.

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Asset Management

Asset Management automates all of your IT asset life cycles with workflows. Collectively offering hundreds of years of in-field experience, Acorio’s Hardware and Software Asset Management practice ensures you have the visibility and processes you need. This includes industry leading experience in mitigating risk with a proven change management strategy. Automate your entire asset lifecycle to enforce asset policies and regulatory requirements, reduce asset costs, minimize wasted resources and eliminate repetitive tasks – all the while saving your organization millions annually.

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IT Service Management

Technology drives your customers and powers your employees. Acorio’s ITSM practice propels our clients to adopt a holistic Service Management approach. Our proven methodology incorporates best practices from hundreds of transformations coupled with purpose-oriented ITIL frameworks for incident, problem, change, request, release, etc.

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For over seven years, the Acorio Virtual Assistance program (AVA) has delivered a unique brand of admin support and ongoing maintenance for Acorio customers. Take advantage of a dedicated team lead and small, expert team who learn your unique environment and focus on quality, expertise, access, and measurable results for your instance. Beyond administration, get the assistance you need to succeed.

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Wawanesa Insurance

Wawanesa wanted to provide a robust, scalable ITSM solution for their employees and begin to capture a Return on Investment as soon as possible by automating manual processes and focusing on strategic priorities.

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Fortune500 Paint Supplier

With no HR Service Delivery structure in place, this organization had a vision for a larger transformation: to implement regional HR shared services centers, including hiring agents, setting up the center locations, and implementing phone and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

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Suffolk University

With over 15000 students, Suffolk University needed to simplify their Financial Services, Bursar and Registrars Offices into a single convenient system

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