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10 Relatable GIFs to Help You Adjust to Working Remotely

The global COVID-19 outbreak is forcing everyone – businesses, parents, partners, students – to rethink how we interact with our community. As we are assured it’s our duty to protect the more vulnerable members of our community, many things remain unknown. One thing is true: By working from home we can all help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Remote work used to be the way of work in the future, but it’s now an immediate reality for most. The trend, hastened by the virus, has been featured in many publications with helpful tips from us WFH veterans.

Today we’re taking a more lighthearted approach. Whether you’re already a seasoned remote worker or will be adjusting to a completely new routine, we’ve put together some of our favorite GIFs to get you ready to settle in and start your day – maybe even from the couch.

1. That joyful feeling of waking up knowing you don’t have the stress of commuting.

waking up refreshed gif

2. Knowing you don’t have to pack a bag and will have everything you need at your fingertips all day long.

waking up gif

3. Does anything really beat the feeling of making your favorite coffee with your preferred method and your own equipment?

Smelling coffee gif

Pro-tip: Make sure you are building 2-3 small breaks (5 minutes) into your WFH schedule. Getting up and walking to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee is great, but taking a few extra minutes to listen to your favorite song (or podcast), read a magazine article, or even sit on your back deck will help keep you focused when you get back to the computer. 

4. And let’s all get real about WFH – you will be getting more done than you would at the office. And it feels good.

cat using laptop gif

5. Dressing up to get in the mood … or only dressing your top half for Zoom meetings. We’ll leave it up to you!

Man dressing in mirror gif

6. Snuggling with a furry friend is fair game when WFH. 

Man reading with cat gif

7. How are you planning on ignoring your partner who’s also working remotely thanks to COVID-19?

Ignoring coworker gif

Pro-tip: If you are working from home with someone, whether it is partner, child, roommate, or sibling, decide when you are going to “hang-out” and when you are going to work before the day gets started. You could try setting a time for lunch, or even taking the dog for a walk together. Plus, be sure to communicate your meeting schedule so that no one starts singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack while the other is on a call with their boss.  

8. Does anything beat being able to listen to music and podcasts without headphones?

listening to music gif

9. Don’t forget to hop outside for a change of scenery.

sitting outside gif

10. Last, but not least, we’re all about taking time to tidy up your space and reset your brain with a cleaning break.

Mrs. Doubtfire vacuuming gif

Pro-tip: Do this every day! Especially at the end of your work day, be sure to reset the space to how you want to return to it in the morning; computer charging, sticky notes organized, and dirty lunch dishes back to the kitchen. 

COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation that is changing how the world is doing business, and we will all be managing it’s effects for months to come. At Acorio, we take our role as a trusted ServiceNow partner seriously and our delivery strategy is committed to providing you new, flexible, and full-remote support options for your own rapidly changing business environment. Do you have questions about working on your ServiceNow initiatives while being at home? Talk to us, we’re here to help.


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