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Acorio Celebrates the New Decade with 10 Go-Lives from Q4 2019

January is a time of beginnings: the new year, a new business quarter, and this year, a new decade. Now is as popular a time as ever for people to make resolutions and set goals, and here at Acorio, we’re taking a look at these successful projects from the end of 2019 to celebrate our clients’ major transformations and continue thinking about the ways we can keep raising the bar for service management in 2020 and beyond.

Today we’re sharing ten of our favorite Go-Lives from the end of 2019 ranging in size, industry, and ServiceNow products. Keep reading to learn about the potential and power of the ServiceNow platform is transforming how these companies do work.

1. Aerospace & Defense Company: Customer Service Management Transformation with ServiceNow

This aerospace & defense company was looking to create a more streamlined way for two of their clients to order and return replacement parts. The Acorio team worked with the client to create an aircraft part ordering & replacement request in their service catalog which blends with their existing Customer Service and Asset Management processes.

Within a matter of months, this project was transformed from a conceptual idea and realized into a working, finished project for this organization to roll out to its clients. This CSM implementation will serve to expand Sustainment Operations capabilities and ultimately better serve their customers. We’re proud to see this company rolling into 2020 with a new CSM solution keeping its buyers happier than ever!

2. Pediatric Healthcare Provider: Application Portfolio Management Implementation and GRC Reimplementation

This pediatric healthcare provider came to Acorio looking to get a new Application Portfolio Management (APM) system. This project involved several components: importing their current applications inventory (approximately 450 applications!); performing data certification; developing 4-5 service catalog items and workflows to support APM; defining triggers from their current Change and Request systems to update related applications and validating core data elements required to support APM. Our team worked diligently with the client to deliver a solution in twelve weeks by configuring and activating ServiceNow’s APM application.

Additionally, this client also worked with Acorio to reimplement their GRC modules as a previous partner had given them a solution that wasn’t workable. Our objective was to establish foundational elements of GRC required to drive policy compliance controls assessments, including a policy library, linkage to asset repositories for scoping and ownership, controls definition, and issue management. This also included an executive GRC Roadmap assessment to support prioritization and business cases for future expansion of and the use of the GRC modules.

Now using ServiceNow to ensure compliance with key healthcare rules and regulations, this client is very pleased with the final results of their implementation and ready to move onto Phase 2 of the project. With this solid foundation, they are able to build on top of the initial project with a clear understanding of the ServiceNow GRC modules and how best to link them to other aspects of their ServiceNow implementation and streamline the GRC department processes.

3. Global Insurance Company – Custom Application

With the goal of increasing accuracy and reducing risk, this global insurance company was looking to design and build a custom application focused on increasing due diligence for suppliers. Acorio’s solution included a custom-built application including end-user accessible request form, an ITIL user form for processing requests, and an email notification system with attachment automation, as well as Dashboard and Reporting.

This implementation has successfully set a solid foundation for supplier due diligence activities and will later expand to tackle more transformative process improvements. Utilizing Acorio’s custom-built application, this client has transformed their non-standardized process for processing incoming 3rd Party Due Diligence Requests into a centralized, monitored process. This new application also serves as the base for future enhancements which will integrate the state and results of the due diligence analysis/ approvals to other portions of the ServiceNow implementation at this organization!

4. Home Healthcare Service Provider: Incident Management Implementation and CMS Enhancements

This home healthcare service provider was looking to implement Incident Management and make select enhancements to their CMS application. Acorio configured their Incident Management to facilitate management for support queues and deliver four enhancements to their CMS application, including Browser Viewer File Types, which added the ability to support other file types; Order import/Physicians and Physician Addresses, which shortens the order import time and appropriately identifies physicians and physician addresses without duplicating them; and Report/Gage, which closes Composite Document tasks not Exported. The client is content with their rollout and is now paving the way to transform their work in 2020.

5. Global Clothing Company: APM & SAM Implementation

Following the roll-out of their CMDB and Discovery project with Acorio, this global clothing company was ready to move forward with a Software Asset Management (SAM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM) implementation. We went forward to set up and configure of SAMP 2 subscriptions and 5 entitlements + normalization, set up APM Governance Foundation and align capabilities and business applications.

Acorio also provided APM Advisory throughout this project by advising with APM roles and responsibilities, application onboarding processes, application ownership and governance, and reporting and dashboards strategy.

6. National Public Health and Hospital System: SAM & SecOps

For our second project with this client, Acorio helped to set up a configuration of SAMP, Cost Center Reporting, Reclamation and auto-installation of software with SCCM and Orchestration for a national public health and hospital system which includes 20 community-based clinics, 12 school-based clinics, and additional outreach and education programs.

Acorio provided a successful rollout to ensure software license compliance, streamline management of software assets and identify savings opportunities via software reclamation. We are happy to report that this client is excited about their SAM & SecOps apps and are already looking ahead for other ways to expand their use of the ServiceNow platform within their organization.

7. Insurance Auto Actions: Incident Management, Change Management, and Service Portal

This automobile company had several business objectives for this project: separate their ServiceNow environment from their parent company following a divestiture; set up a new operating ServiceNow instance; and implement ITSM functionality to align with ITIL best practices.

The planned go-live date was based upon the date that they would lose access to their parent company’s ServiceNow environment which meant delaying go-live was not an option. Thus, all planning and activities were focused on achieving the goal of standing up their own ServiceNow environment before the divesture took place. Acorio worked with the client to implement Incident Management, Change Management, and Service Portal and they’re now starting off the new year utilizing their own ServiceNow environment ready to continue on their own as a separate organization.

8. National Insurance Company: HR Service Delivery Transformation

This seven-month project was one of Acorio’s largest to date! With multiple workstreams and 165 services, this implementation was a successful feat and a large beast to tackle.

After the initial blueprint phase of the project, we identified 13 different workstreams. The project was then divided into 2 release phases which overlapped due to the tight timeline: the first part focused on case management and internal knowledge, while the second phase focused on the employee experience with the portal and record producers. By the end of the project, the client had Case Management, Knowledge Management, Service Portal and several integrations implemented.

This solution empowers this national insurance company to provide an efficient, enjoyable and useful experience for their HR agents and associates. We’re happy to have served in this transformation and helped this client move from a self-built, custom Dynamic CRM system to a state-of-the-art platform. This implementation has totally transformed how their HR department works and improved the entire HR experience for their team.

9. Multinational Professional Services and IT Company: ITSM, GRC, and Asset (Phase 1)

For our first project with this national information solutions and services provider, Acorio rolled out Phase 1 of an ITSM, GRC and Asset implementation. Phase 1 involved two rollouts with the first being CMDB and Discovery, followed by GRC, Portal and Service Requests.  Acorio partnered with the client to implement ITSM and thus resolve current gaps in their business processes by automating manual processes for Benefits, HR, Finance and Contract use cases. Additionally, Acorio replaced the existing functionality for submitting questions to HR with a service catalog item and request process in ServiceNow.

The client is now offering enhanced experiences for their employees to attract and retain the highest caliber employees via enhanced self-service capabilities and process improvements. They are now also able to provide transparency of analytics to support critical enterprise business decisions.

Within two weeks of Go-Live, Acorio initiated phase 2 of the project and we’re looking forward to building on the success of this initial implementation which will transform how this organization and their 20,000 employees worldwide work.

10. American Convenience Store and Gas Station Chain: New York Upgrade

Acorio worked with this client to perform an upgrade from London to New York on three instances. While completing the upgrade to maintain this customer’s ServiceNow release compliance, Acorio executed 145 test cases and remediated defects caused by the upgrade. This client is now upgraded and ready to continue serving its clients in 2020 and beyond.

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