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100 ServiceNow Statistics for Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

Today we’re bringing you the be all end all ServiceNow list. The best part is, it’s not just a list of ServiceNow statistics. 

This is also a growth story. It’s is a compilation of inspirational successes. And it might just be the ticket to winning your business case or gaining a crucial executive sponsor.

It’s important to get the whole picture of ServiceNow, from enterprise milestones to productivity improvements, regardless of where you are in your journey. Keeping yourself up to date on ServiceNow statistics will provide you a better understanding of what it can do for you, your customers, your employees, and your business.

We’ve done the work for you.

Without further ado, here are 100 ServiceNow statistics.

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Digital Transformation and ServiceNow’s Business Value 

Digital transformation has become a major business goal for organizational processes. As customers get accustomed to better functions that competitors provide, other companies must improve their own processes to keep up with the trends.

The cloud-based platform makes it a priority to enable companies to automate and optimize business processes for their own digital transformation.

Based on four customer interviews, aggregated data from six previous studies, and interviews with 20 additional executives and practitioners, Forrester Research reported in their Total Economic Impact Study, Driving Digital Transformation and Business Value with ServiceNow in December 2018 that:

  • ServiceNow helps get new enterprise apps to market in half the time. 
  • Companies using ServiceNow achieve 2.5x faster application updates.
  • ServiceNow users could repurpose 15% of IT service staff to higher-value work.
  • Developer satisfaction scores doubled when using ServiceNow, helping to retain talent.
  • Employee satisfaction grows from 1.5/5 to 3.5/5 for companies using ServiceNow. 
  • ServiceNow users achieve faster and more cost-effective delivery of business solutions via citizen developers. For more complex applications, a multidisciplined team of a developer and business analyst could reduce the time to deliver new business applications by as much as 80%.
  • Companies using ServiceNow are able to fully automate 95% of compliance transactions, bolstering profitability and ensuring service scalability.

According to Forrester Research, @ServiceNow allowed for rapidly built cloud solutions to automate high volumes of complex compliance workflows in 50% the time and at 33% the cost of the next-best alternative. #ServiceNow Click To Tweet

Acorio’s Own Original Research from 325 Customers and Prospects

Along the way, we’ve gathered our own original ServiceNow data, by surveying our own ServiceNow customers and connections. The data was reported in our 2019 Insight & Vision Report.

  • 77% of companies have Service Management Initiatives underway.
  • The average number of ServiceNow products implemented by a single organization is 2.1.
  • 8% of companies implement 2 or more ServiceNow products.
  • 3% of companies implement 3 or more ServiceNow products.

ITSM is the root of the ServiceNow platform. Making it possible to quickly and efficiently deliver IT services, it also increases IT productivity. Now, it’s also a major supporting player to their bigger platform elements like HRSD and CSM.

Based on 7 ServiceNow customers with ITSM, ITOM, and Performance Analytics experience, Forrester Research reported in their Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow, April 2017 that:

ServiceNow allowed IT productivity to improve by 20% or more with structured machine learning to automate routine tasks, according to Forrester Research. #ServiceNow Click To Tweet

  • ServiceNow allowed for $9.7m in IT productivity improvements.
  • ServiceNow allowed for $3m in automation efficiencies.
  • There is a 195% ROI over 3 years for ServiceNow customers using ITSM, ITOM, and Performance Analytics.
  • ServiceNow allowed for up to 6% increase in internal customer satisfaction scores.
  • ServiceNow users have 10% faster issue resolution.
  • Companies using ServiceNow have a 66% reduction in effort per incident.
  • $4.1m in infrastructure savings for over 3 years was achieved by ServiceNow customers using ITSM, ITOM and Performance Analytics.
  • There was only a 9-month payback for these ServiceNow customers.

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Most HR organizations want to focus more on providing great employee experience, but they’re oftentimes stuck doing repetitive tasks. This can be frustrating for both employees and HR agents. But, ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery takes care of that by automating HR processes within your organization. And with HRSD, employees can easily access HR information as well as enjoy a streamlined process for requests.

In their Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow HR Service Management, March 2017, for a healthcare organization with $4 billion in revenue using HR Service Management (now delivery), with 20,000 employees, and 130 HR resources, 3-year benefits, Forrester Research reported that:

  • ServiceNow provided over $9.9m total benefits.
  • 50% employee inquiries resolved instantly when companies use ServiceNow.

Forrester Research found that #ServiceNow increased efficiency by 30% when servicing #HR cases. #HRSD #HRServiceManagement Click To Tweet

  • There is a 37% HR productivity increase when using ServiceNow HRSD.
  • There is a $3.3m estimated annual savings* individual organization savings may vary.
  • Payback time is less than 1 year for ServiceNow HRSD customers.
  • ServiceNow customers see 400%+ ROI.

Customer Service Management is, like it sounds, is meant to help your customers. It allows the customer to easily get support from communication channels, like email, web, chat, phone, and social media. With ServiceNow CSM, customers can be assured that their problems will be solved quickly.

Based on the ServiceNow customer, Epicor Software Corporation, as written in Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, June 2017, Forrester discovered that using CSM:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention, resulting in $6.6m in benefits.
  • Increased incremental revenue, resulting in $3.5m from new cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Epicor Software Corporation had a 104% ROI.
  • $11.4m benefits PV.
  • $5.8m NPV.
  • 10-point increase in Support Call NPS.
  • There was a 10% faster issue resolution with ServiceNow.
  • ServiceNow caused $3.8m annual savings and benefits.
  • There was only 5 months to payback.

With ServiceNow’s Security Operations, you can identify, prioritize, and respond to threats faster. Not only that, you can resolve these threats based on what the potential impact an incident or vulnerability could have towards your organization.

After interviewing ServiceNow Customers, as reported in Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Security Operations, January 2018, Forrester Research learned that they had:

  • $4.7m in savings because of ServiceNow.
  • 45% faster security incident response.
  • 25% faster vulnerability response.
  • 60% faster prioritization of vulnerabilities.
  • $1.8m estimated annual savings for the typical customer.
  • $5.6m Benefits PV.
  • $3.9m NP.
  • Less than a 1-year payback.
  • 230% ROI.

ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance lets you respond to business risks as soon as possible. By combining security, IT, and risk capabilities into the single Now Platform, you can easily monitor and identify any potential risks.

Based on several ServiceNow customers using ServiceNow GRC, Forrester Research reported in Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance, January 2019 that organizations received:

  • $3.5m compliance and risk automation gains.
  • $331,000 audit efficiency improvement.
  • $1.5m accelerated vendor risk management.
  • Performed Compliance testing and reporting 70% faster.
  • Completed vendor assessments 3 times faster.
  • Increased GRC staff efficiency by 50%.
  • ROI 349%.
  • Benefits PV $5.4m.
  • NPV $4.2m.
  • Payback < 6 months.

As your organization grows, so does the number of tasks. Digitization is key to keeping your organization afloat in this growth period. ServiceNow’s Intelligent Apps let you automate business tasks, allowing employees to be even more productive.

Forrester Research interviewed three ServiceNow customers to see what Intelligent Apps can do. Here’s what they found as reported in Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of Developing Business Applications on The Now Platform, April 2017:

  • ServiceNow customers can build apps in 1/3 the time.
  • There are 50% fewer development costs when using ServiceNow.
  • Intelligent Apps lead to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Intelligent Apps caused over $733k in estimated annual savings from a ServiceNow customer.
  • ServiceNow Intelligent App users see $24.7m benefits PV.
  • $17.9m NPV.
  • There is less than a 6-month payback on ServiceNow’s Intelligent Apps.
  • 264% ROI from using ServiceNow Intelligent Apps.
  • 400% acceleration of application development because of the Intelligent App platform.

BusinessForward, our recent acquisition, released two surveys in 2018 on IT and HR, written specifically for industry leaders. These surveys provide key insights on the relationship between business and IT, and business and HR respectively.

  • 46% of HR Organizations measure success through their ability to engage employees, and 35% measure success through their efficiency.
  • 70% of companies plan to increase their Cloud spending in the next year.
  • 26% of companies plan to decrease their Data Center and Data Management spending in the next year.

61% of #HR Organizations have plans to grow their capabilities through new practices or processes. #ServiceNow #HRSD #HRServiceDelivery #HRSM Click To Tweet

  • 66% of companies identified “Increase operational efficiencies of the business” as an IT Priority.
  • 57% of companies identified “Deliver consistent and stable IT performance to the business” as an IT Priority.

12% of companies implement 4 or more #ServiceNow products. Click To Tweet

  • 7+ out of 10 companies had improved workflows after ServiceNow implementation.
  • 63% of large companies have an IT component to their ServiceNow implementation.
  • 30% of large companies use ServiceNow in their HR Service Delivery.
  • 14% of medium companies use ServiceNow in their HR Service Delivery.

ServiceNow: Finances, Demographics, and Awards

ServiceNow. Behind the powerful platform is a growth story unlike almost any other. The company sits firmly among the world’s most successful cloud-based businesses, consistently hitting above and beyond their quarterly estimates. In fact, ServiceNow is the fastest growing billion dollar cloud company. Ever.

In Q1 2019, ServiceNow had;

  • $740m in subscription revenue, which constituted 36% YoY growth.
  • 25 individual transactions of more than $1M NNACV.
  • a 98% renewal rate.
  • $810m in subscription billings or 27% YoY growth in subscriptions.
  • 17 of the top 20 deals purchased 3 or more products.
  • 8,666 employees.

As reported on their EOY Earnings Call, in the Fiscal Year 2018, ServiceNow:

  • Had $2.609B 2018 revenue, 36% YoY growth.
  • Grew to 675 total customers > $1M ACV.
  • Had 74 customers > $5M ACV.
  • Reported over 5,400 enterprise customers.
  • Reported about 75% of the Fortune 500 use ServiceNow.

ServiceNow has also been known to win a few awards. Recently they have been:

  • Listed on LinkedIn Top Companies 2019.
  • #3 on Fortune’s Future 50 List 2018.
  • #1 on Forbes’ World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018.
  • Surpassed $1 billion in revenue in 2015.
  • Named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM 5 years in a row.

And a few bonus ServiceNow data points from Enlyft, 2019:

  • 12,032 companies use ServiceNow.
  • ServiceNow takes up about 0.3% of market share.
  • Based on revenue, 44% of companies using ServiceNow are small ( less than $50M), 17% are medium and 32% are large (more than $1000M). 
  • Based on employee count, 27% of companies using ServiceNow are small (less than 50 employees), 39% are medium-sized and 34% are large (more than 1000 employees). 

61% of ServiceNow customers are in the United States, 9% are in the United Kingdom, 4.5% are in Canada, 4% are in Australia, 3% are in India. #ServiceNow Click To Tweet

  • The top 3 industries of ServiceNow customers are computer software industries (18%), Information Technology Services (11%), and Staffing and Recruiting (8%)

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