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12 Days of Giving: Day 3 – A Little Tactical HRSD Support to Enhance Open Enrollment (and maybe give some kids new toys, too)

On the 3rd day of 12 Days of Giving, Acorio brings to you…

Welcome back to our annual 12 Days of Giving, we are well into the first week and today we are going from our ServiceNow Starter Pack to an inspiring example of how ServiceNow can be maximized in your enterprise, through ServiceNow Campaigns.

It’s the Giving (and Open Enrollment) Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, along with the end of the calendar year.

It’s time to alert your employees that the window for Open Enrollment is only weeks away (if not, right now) so they can decide on crucial insurance and 401k coverage. In those short weeks, the staff at your headquarter office has also linked up with the Salvation Army for a Toys for Tots drive, and they want to get the word out to local and remote employees alike.

Easy-peasy, right? Just blast a couple of emails to the team with information regarding benefit plans and make a cheery banner for the top of your ServiceNow HR portal to advertise the holiday toy drive for all.


While this sounds like it could be a simple action plan, there are some complications to sort through here. Let’s think about the following scenarios:

Toys for Tots: Your HR team is getting excited to embrace your company’s corporate spirit of giving by launching a Toys for Tots drive.

Tactically, these types of giving campaigns are local initiatives. In this case, while there’s talk of making your Toys for Tots drive enterprise-wide next year, for now, you’re solely soliciting toys from employees based in either your HQ’s city or your two nearest satellite offices. These stipulations, no doubt, add some complexities to your original strategy of a common header image on the portal.

Open Enrollment: While the team is excited about collecting toys for kids, they also have the critical Open Enrollment period to contend with. This type of campaign has a different element of targeting to grapple with.  To avoid making some feel left out (particularly around the holidays), HR only wants to send notification of Open Enrollment to full-time employees with benefit packages. At such a busy time of year it, you also want to minimize the opportunities to distract or confuse people – so you don’t want to send those notifications to interns, part-timers, or contractors.

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For both these scenarios, your HR team doesn’t want to rely on the mass email strategy to all your employees.

But never fear, if you’re lucky enough to be using ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery module, then you have the power to save the day faster than Cindy Lou Who.

Since all employee data is stored in the same place, the ServiceNow HRSD platform will allow you to segment and target both groups differently, and then schedule your separate emails for each activity to ensure maximum engagement (two cheers for centralized data!).

So, how do you quickly address these requirements and push out this information to your employees, especially at one of the busiest times of the year?

ServiceNow Campaigns to the rescue!

Cam·paign (/kam’pān/), Noun, Verb – An organized course of action to achieve a particular goal; To work in an organized and active way towards a particular goal.

Specifically, within the ServiceNow platform, campaigns provide a suite of automated content tools which allow you to specify demographic groups of individual employees in your organization to receive targeted (relevant), scheduled communications. You can deliver information by email, web, and push notifications including scheduled reminders as due dates draw near.

While campaigns are a powerful tool in HRSD for your HR team, they are equally useful in ITSM for your tech team to send phishing alerts, CSM for communicating about new products and deals, or Facilities announcing outages, new locations, or conference room capabilities.

Three Steps to Your New ServiceNow HR Campaign

Theory aside, let’s actually follow the creation and lifecycle of a ServiceNow campaign. We’ll use the Toys for Tots Drive example to start.

1. As a pre-step to starting any campaign, you’ll need to activate the Content Delivery plugin, which creates all needed campaign tables and administrative roles, in your ServiceNow instance.

2. Then it’s time to create a campaign of a certain length, measured in days. For the Toys for Tots Drive, you’ll create a new, 14-day campaign with a scheduled start on December 1 and ending on December 14th to give the gifts two weeks before the Christmas holiday for toys to be received and processed by the local charity.

3. Once you’ve defined your HR campaign length, you’ll likely need to set up additional parameters. For example, you will have to decide whether you will send to interns or part-timers (again), and what locations will receive the email. You may also want to create 2 or 3 email reminders – to ensure that someone taking a long holiday weekend doesn’t miss your messaging.

Fortunately, in ServiceNow HRSD, a campaign can contain multiple “bundles” of content that can be triggered immediately, sequentially, on fixed dates, or by other flexible trigger conditions. A bundle can contain any combination of email, videos, banners on the service portal, webinars, links to training, links to information, and much more.

For this campaign, you might create the first bundle to trigger immediately on December 1st. The good news is that pre-scheduling means the campaign components can be set up weeks – or months, if you’re extremely prepared – beforehand, saving your HR team valuable time when other end-of-the-year projects come rolling in, like Open Enrollment!

And for those not that prepared (because elementary school holiday concerts really sneak up on you!) you can work up to the last minute and schedule the campaign to launch the morning of.

I recommend starting off with an eye-catching banner at the top of the HR portal, heralding the toy drive. Remember: Audiences for the individual content can be refined, so this banner will appear only for employees based in the three offices we are targeting.

ServiceNow Campaign Banner

Example of a ServiceNow HR Portal header image, with customization.

In that same, immediate campaign bundle, you can send an email, including details of how and where employees can donate toys. Content within the email will be micro-targeted: HQ-based employees will see instructions to bring the toys to HR; employees at the two satellite offices, instead, will see instructions to put toys into their office’s courier bin for delivery.

Seriously. Is that not the coolest thing?

4. Now, you can create a second campaign bundle, within the same 14-day parent campaign. This particular one will trigger a week before the toy drive ends and send out an email to remind team members about the toy drive. Again, you’ll generate some targeted, custom text, like how employees in the satellite offices need to get their donations in one day early to ensure it has enough delivery time.

And, hey, why not while you’re already working on the bundle, update the HR portal banner to show a live countdown for days remaining to donate toys?

Campaigns are reusable and easy to maintain and customize. Plus, they can be planned out beforehand to maximize your HR team’s time when it comes to higher priority tasks.

It is easy to see how Campaigns would apply to our other example of Open Enrollment, where we can target employees with instructions to sign up for benefits, and separately target managers to remind their employees at critical periods before the due date.

Yes, ServiceNow Campaigns are for more than just Toys For Tots

ServiceNow campaigns, available across the entire ServiceNow platform, are a powerful and flexible tool for targeting relevant information to employees such as:

  • Employee tasks
  • Legal notifications
  • Employee morale
  • Training needs
  • Company-related events

In a diverse corporate environment, communicating both broadly and narrowly at the same time is a daunting challenge. ServiceNow campaigns inject data-based automation into your communications to ensure you’re delivering the right information to each employee at the right time.

Want more information on ServiceNow campaigns and ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery module? Check out this free ServiceNow eBook on increasing HR productivity, streamlining employee transitions, and optimizing service delivery.

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