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12 Days of Giving: Day Ten. The New CIO Mandate [ITBM eBook]

It’s blustery and cold outside (for some of us)  but things are still running hot here at Acorio. We’re in the final stretch of our 12 Days of Giving and something new is coming to town… a new ServiceNow ITBM eBook!

ServiceNow ITBM eBook coverDigital transformation and changing workplace trends have brought IT management to the forefront of our minds. The unlimited access we have to new programs, apps, and platforms has forever changed the way we make decisions.

Most organizations want to decrease cost and man-hours, but how can this be achieved realistically? ServiceNow ITBM is a suite of applications that organizations can employ and leverage to make more strategic business decisions. We all know there’s a huge difference between managing a single project and being able to manage an entire project portfolio. ServiceNow ITBM allows you reign in business processes and get real-time reporting to help more effectively manage your business by collecting and analyzing the data necessary to make decisions.

Below is an excerpt from our new eBook, The New CIO Mandate: The Business of Running IT for a New Era. In it, we explore some of the key advantages and capabilities of ServiceNow’s ITBM suite.

The ServiceNow platform offers four significant advantages:

  1. Integration: ITBM is fully integrated with all other applications across the NOW platform, such as ITSM, ITOM, ITAM, GRC, etc
  2.  Investment: ServiceNow is focused on ITBM – In the New York release, ServiceNow launched more than 50 new ITBM enhancements. This is evidence of an ongoing investment in the product suite and also a commitment to offering capabilities that serve organizations from the lowest to highest levels of maturity, in alignment with best cross-industry practices.
  3. Innovation: Ranked number 1 as ‘World’s Most Innovative Company’ by Forbes Magazine in 2018, ServiceNow is dedicated to providing the most effective, efficient, and innovative solutions across their product offering.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: ITBM solutions have been proven to serve 1600 global customers with an almost 100% retention rate.

Download your eBook today to get access to key insights into how to transform your business for the coming year.

ServiceNow ITBM eBook preview