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12 Days of Giving: Day Nine. Supporting ServiceNow From the Bottom Up

Welcome back to 12 Days of Giving! Hopefully you’ve been able to catch up on our first eight days of giveaways. The most popular have been our new Advisory Workbook and Service Portal Lookbook (but don’t forget about our Insight and Vision Executive Summary or the HR Bundle).

Today’s giveaway, our CMDB focused eBook, will walk you through visualizing your ServiceNow CMDB while keeping a value sense perspective in mind, defining an implementation strategy and process, and ensuring the long-term health of your database.

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Anyone who cares to know what makes a ServiceNow implementation successful will quickly realize that the CMDB is the glue holding everything together. The data within the CMDB is applied to nearly every area of the ServiceNow platform. This is why, since ServiceNow’s Aspen release, CMDB has always been the bedrock of ServiceNow, and will continue in this role even as ServiceNow expands its product to add new features and functionality.

Are you ready to strengthen your CMDB? Download our new CMDB eBook, or skim a preview below, where we walk through one step in getting CMDB right… the first time.

Designing Your Dynamic CMDB

The question we’re here to solve today is what could possibly be dynamic enough to support ServiceNow from the bottom up? The root of ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) is the ServiceNow CMDB (Configuration Management Database) which is the very foundation of the entire platform. As the underlying database powering everything from Asset Discovery to Agent Intelligence, you can think about the CMDB as the foundation of ServiceNow’s power – or at least one of the foundational elements.  

Phase One: Crawl Towards Foundational Maturity

Your CMDB requires constant care and feeding, and you only get out of it what you put in. For this crawl phase, the focuses include:

  • Defining goals and expectations
  • Mapping out your process
  • Making your RACI
  • Identifying roles

It’s a lot of work to establish these processes and procedures, but it’s absolutely necessary before moving onto the next phase. If we were cooking, the crawl phase would be finding your recipe and collecting the correct ingredients. You can’t cook much without having the right supplies and instructions. The key to completing this phase successfully is defining clear goals, taking a deep look at the process, and setting aside the time to find the right people.

Admittedly, these words of advice could apply to any project within ServiceNow. I mean, when should you not focus on people, process, and technology? But for this specific phase of implementing CMDB, it’s imperative that you examine all three of these items simultaneously and how they relate to one another.

The key to completing this successfully is defining clear goals, taking a deep look at the process, and setting aside the time to find the right people.

Once this step is complete, you will be in the perfect position to deepen your CMDB maturity. Next comes the walk phase.

Ready to read about the walk and run phases plus learn about specialized applications and use cases for ITOM and the CMDB? Download today’s 12 Days Giveaway: Acorio’s CMDB eBook.

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