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12 Days of Giving: Day Eleven. A New Vision for Asset Management Strategy [eBook]

Yup, that’s right. It’s day eleven of our 12 Days of Giving. We’ve really been rolling out the red carpet for these last couple of days, with a new case study and a new ITBM eBook. And it’s not stopping yet.

For today’s gift to you, we have a brand new IT Asset Management eBook, covering the full ServiceNow Asset product, how to know when you’re ready for Asset Management, creating a strategy, and even how ITAM and SAM work with other components of your ServiceNow environment.

Ready to jump right in? We’re not going to hold you back – go ahead and download the full eBook here. If you don’t have time to read the whole eBook just yet, skim a preview below where we go over a few ways Asset Management excels at interacting with your ServiceNow environment

Better Together: Asset Management and Your Enterprise Operating System

The benefits of leveraging the ServiceNow platform for IT Asset Management include the ability to easily augment, and be augmented by, the processes and workflows throughout the platform.

Let’s look at some of those process relationships that are enabled with ITAM as a key part of the platform.

Asset Management & Configuration Management

Nowhere is this mutually beneficial relationship clearer than the one between Asset Management and Configuration Management.  If one considers all the attributes that can be useful for enabling both IT Asset Management and IT Service Management, they can be described in five general categories; Operational, Logical, Physical, Financial and Contractual. Together Asset and Configuration Management provides the overall picture of the resources available to the enterprise. Each has their own focus but also support the overlapping interest in a common view of the logical, physical, or financial view of the spectrum.

The IT Asset Management process supports Configuration Management by providing visibility to the parts of the lifecycle outside the scope of Configuration Management.  When done properly, the inputs provided by the IT Asset Management process is reliable as not only a source of data to be leveraged by the CMDB, but also as a verification tool when the state of the infrastructure changes.

We have plans to broaden our current implementation and usage for ITOM. But the biggest push is to leverage automated discovery and Software Asset Management. –  VP at Software Enterprise

Additionally, when the Configuration process is designed, it relies on the insights from the business requirements gathered through the IT Asset Management program. The program provides an authoritative reference for Configuration Management via policies, contractual requirements, standards, roles, and responsibilities, allowing Configuration to align with the organization’s governance.

Asset Management & Service Catalog

The service catalog is a very important tool used in negotiations with the service customer (the business) and as a basis for service maintenance planning. The service catalog presents information about the services including the agreed-upon service levels and other details that affirm that a specific service is available from the service provider organization. It also facilitates understanding the choices available to the service customer

This also supports Vendor management processes from within the IT Asset Management process framework, providing not only information about the vendors but also on how to deal with all kind of suppliers, including the internal suppliers of the service being designed.

Download the full eBook for a detailed description of the ServiceNow IT Asset and Software Asset Management capabilities, plus more instance relationships, and how to build an Asset strategy from the ground up.

Asset Management strategy eBook preview