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12 Days of Giving: Day Two. Dear HR…

Dear HR,

You Need ServiceNow & Here’s Why.

Your Friends from IT.

For our second day of 12 Days of Giving, we’re excited to share two exceptional ServiceNow content pieces.

First, the ServiceNow guide “HR and IT Better Together,” which includes five case studies you can learn from. And then we have a brand new research report that we’ve been holding on to – until now – “The Employee Experience Imperative: The State of the Employee Service Experience, What Matters, and What to do about it.”

Let’s jump right into what these reports discuss (or, you can read the full reports for yourself here).

What do your employees have to say about employee experience? Well, ServiceNow asked.

We’ve talked a lot about employee experience in the past few years on the Acorio blog. But more often than not, it’s from the employer’s point of view. In the last year, ServiceNow reached out to over 1,400 employees globally, from companies employing over 2,000 employees, to find out what they actually think about the employee experience.

Here are just some of the results:

Employee Survey responses graph

Image from “The Employee Experience Imperative,” ServiceNow, 2019

The research report found that everyday moments, like trying to find information for parental leave or receiving an update about a request or issue they reported, are not easy to navigate. There are four ways employers can ensure that the entire employee experience is a positive one:

  1. Make it easy for employees to get service from HR and other departments in the flow of work
  2. Focus on and design for moments throughout the employee journey
  3. Eliminate silos to deliver consistent, reliable information
  4. Listen to the employee’s point of view effectively

To learn more, you can download the full report here.

So, how can IT and HR team-up to deliver a better experience?

IT and HR can partner together to foster a transformative mindset and deliver great employee experiences in five different ways:

  1. Build and structure new work teams
  2. Make technology investments together early
  3. Optimize employee service with a single digital experience platform
  4. Go beyond automating tasks and design for the end-user experience
  5. Listen, design, test, and iterate.

Below is an excerpt from “HR and IT Better Together” which dives into the first way these departments can work together.

1. Build and structure new work teams 

Designing for a successful workplace strategy requires a cultural shift between HR, IT, and facilities. The idea is to define new skills and talent as well as structure teams in a way that encourages ideation and allows for work to flow between groups.

Upping the game, talent, and responsibilities in shared services

To foster better working relationships and align on experience goals, organizations are redesigning existing decentralized service delivery models under a global experiences function for HR, IT, payroll, and other people services. The scope of HR shared services or “people enablement” is also evolving well beyond routine transaction activities.

Data scientists and experience officers

Workplace transformation is equal parts technology, talent, and change. And to successfully implement new technology, companies must train and enable a team that looks after that technology. This is why new roles with deeper skills such as data scientists and experience officers have been added within IT, focusing not only on UI but also on how technology makes people feel. With connectivity being a vital component of the workplace experience, organizations are creating new global HR technology teams focused on architecting the use and mobility of HR software, applications, and systems that interface regularly with their IT counterparts. 

The HR/IT-led employee experience evolution

Employee experience evaluation table

Image from “HR and IT Better Together,” ServiceNow, 2019

Learn more about how IT and HR can work together to solve the employee service experience dilemma and download this eBook bundle which includes both the HR and IT Better Together eBook and The Employee Experience Imperative report.

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