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12 Days of Giving: Day Three. Your Exclusive ServiceNow Research Report

We’re at the end of our first week of 12 Days of Giving. If you’re just jumping in now, be sure to check out our integrations tips and tricks from day one and two great HR eBooks from day two.

For day three we have numbers. Lots and lots of numbers – straight from our second annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Executive Summary. Set against the backdrop of evolving priorities and challenges among ServiceNow customers, you’ll find out what KPIs, results, and challenges your peers measure, what’s on their ServiceNow roadmap, what trends we see in the Service Management space, and more.

The full report will be available in Q1 of 2020, but until then we’re giving away our “first look” executive summary and top seven trends. Skim a preview of the results below.


Service Management Challenges Chart

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Taking the number one spot for ServiceNow platform challenges, at nearly 43 percent, was the response “Our roadmap just keeps growing – once one module is implemented, even more departments want us to support them.” Interestingly, our top three challenges from 2018; Roadmap Growth, Cost of Technology, and Lack of Experienced Resources, saw year over year decreases.

In fact, “The Cost of Technology and Implementation,” previously the top challenge at 45 percent, dropped to be the second biggest challenge at just over 40 percent. In this year’s data, the most significant decrease we saw related to challenges facing ServiceNow customers was the category of “Resistance to necessary change to effectively implement the platform”, which dropped by over eight percent to only 25 percent.

This goes hand in hand with the increased adoption of ServiceNow roadmaps. See Trend Two on page 7 for more details. Based on client experiences, we added a response option to vet the relative challenge clients are facing with executive sponsorship. In the first year that reply accrued over 18 percent of all companies facing that challenge.

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