12 Days of Giving, Day 10: New Executive Insights on Digital Transformation and the ServiceNow Ecosystem

Welcome back to 12 Days of Giving. Over the past few weeks, we have shared product insights, new industry solutions, and even some aspirational content. But today, we’re going big.

For today’s giveaway, download a new Executive Insights slide deck, with the thoughts and musings of NTT Data SVP, Ellen Daley. With more than 25 years of technical and analyst experience, Ellen brings unique insights into the accelerating appetite for Digital Transformation, as well as her thoughts on the emerging emphasis on “experiences” for customers and employees.

Download the full deck here, or skip below for a sneak peek.

A Growing (and Accelerating) Appetite for Digital Transformation

Over the past few years, business leaders have increased and accelerated their appetite for broad digital transformation efforts, particularly as it relates to an organization’s consumers. Digital transformation today promises you the opportunity to be more competitive, ensure your experience is optimized, and efficiently cross-sell and upsell.

As the aperture for digital transformation widens – with a broader, cross-functional mission – we see clients struggling with two major challenges:

  1. Prioritizing and defining their organization’s business case: what will be delivered and in what time frame
  2. Ensuring the transformation is going to have a meaningful growth output

So, what’s Ellen’s Advice to actually get started on your own transformation journey?

1. Over the last two decades, organizations on the forefront of digital transformation often delivered these transformative efforts in silos. Ultimately, hindering the full impact of platforms – like ServiceNow – to fully prove its ROI. In order to deliver true impact to your organization, you need to:

    • Widen your digital transformation scope so your project can penetrate various functions and departments.
    • Require commitment throughout your entire organization – and take advantage an ecosystem of technology providers, partners, and service experts as you start your journey

2. Look at best practices within your industry – understand what others have accomplished so you can leapfrog over your competition by establishing a roadmap of where you are and where you want to go.

3. Don’t jump into the technology right away – your focus in the early stages of your Digital Transformation journey should be on your people and processes.

4. Your journey will not be a straight, linear line. There will be ups and downs, therefore, it’s critical to gain the trust of your internal stakeholders and your partners for the overall success of your transformation. Because despite some trade-offs along the way, your return on investment will be worth it.

To see what else Ellen has to say, download the full insights deck here.