12 Days of Giving Predictions Webinar

12 Days of Giving: Day 7 – Acorio’s ServiceNow 2018 Predictions [Webinar]

Day Seven of our Twelve Days of Giving ServiceNow thought leadership campaign turns our attention to the new year.

For the past week, we have shared a host of expert collateral, from our top ServiceNow code hacks to whitepapers and ROI presentations.

Today, it’s time to get our expert team who works with clients every day involved and ask them to give us the macro perspective on what is happening in the Tech Industry and Service Management and share how they see ServiceNow strategy and spending shaping up in 2018.

This team loves to debate their predictions and options and hear your perspective in a live in an Executive Panel Discussion this Afternoon at 1 pm EST. So…  join us live or save the recording to listen on-Demand and hear all our 2018 predictions.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser of what to expect from our Panel Today!

Our First Three 2018 Predictions

We are in an unsettled, but also optimistic world. Across the globe, 2017 saw the advent of new leadership in the U.S. as well as great international changes.

2018 is just around the corner, it’s time to turn our eyes to the horizon, and start imagining what the new year will bring. While volatility in our geopolitical environment has never seemed greater, the U.S. is seeing an optimistic outlook for 2018 in terms of technology spending.

That bodes well for the health of ServiceNow, which is coming off a record revenue year where the company dramatically expanded its enterprise footprint and market share outside of ITSM into HR and Customer Service departments. The platform is getting bigger and better with every update, and the new Kingston release in Q1 2018 has some compelling capabilities that won’t disappoint.

That’s what the analysts are saying… what about what’s really happening in business? What about the team who lives in the ServiceNow trenches, working alongside business leaders to drive enterprise results boardroom by virtual boardroom?

To get you the inside scoop on how to prepare for the next twelve months, we assembled a panel of eight very senior Enterprise Service Management (ESM) experts – including about half of the Acorio Leadership Team – to participate in a moderated panel discussion (TODAY) on what we think 2018 has in store for ServiceNow, and the realm of digital transformation as a whole.

Here is just a quick preview of the exclusive predictions for 2018. You can hear more during our Web clinic taking place at 1 pm EST today:

1. In 2018 Experience moves beyond just the Service Portal

You might have heard that we are at the tail end of what Forrester Research calls the Age of the Customer? In 2018, Acorio predicts that this will be the action year for even the most boring technologies to take the plunge into addressing their customer and employee experience.

That experience will extend beyond the User Experience (UX) realm, to truly (and perhaps) finally meet the needs of internal and external customers. Backed by the power of the Enterprise Platform, we are seeing clients today extend ESM into the realm of Human Resource Management and Customer Service Management – and predict an escalation of that spending in 2018.

What’s interesting is that ServiceNow is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this shift. Their technology backbone will provide the only functional UX platform – not SFDC, not Oracle – to build our that custom portal without developing an expensive custom front end.

2. AI and machine intelligence Hype continues, but it won’t manifest in a lot of spend in 2018

Artificial Intelligence is having its day in the sun, with journalists from TechCrunch to Forbes decrying the advent of AI (and Elon Musk predicting mankind’s downfall as a result)!

That’s the hype. But we wondered… had the machine intelligence movement really moved beyond the bars in Silicon Valley?  While we see AI and Machine Learning as certainly a pivotal cog in the future Enterprise, how far will business actually go in adopting AI this year?

For our money, Acorio predicts that 2018 will be a year of early adopters getting good (but discreet) outcomes and maybe more importantly…learning to solve the data “problem.” Beyond curiosity, we expect 2018 will be the early adopter year for AI, with companies beginning to build out proof of concepts, micro-implementations, and smaller wins.

3. NOW takes a bigger stake in the Pure PaaS market

Who will win: Salesforce or ServiceNow in PaaS?

Finally, we see ServiceNow finally reaching the tipping point of its growth in the next year, setting up a battle royale in 2018 between the major Platform-as-a-Service players – Force.com and Now.com.

Who will win?  The one with the most compelling ecosystem for developers and ISV’s. Still, as ServiceNow becomes the backbone of the modern company – their chances for domination look more promising than they might have even a few years ago.

ServiceNow’s momentum in the Customer Service space might cause Salesforce to pivot in some way to compete better on operational actions. We will see an increase in larger transformations that include multiple suites being implemented in parallel.

Did that whet your appetite for more predictions? Click here, or the image below to register for today’s webinar to see it live (or grab it on-demand if you have a lunch date today). Get the inside scoop and major predictions Acorio leaders see shaping up in 2018.

12 Days of Giving, ServiceNow 2018 Predictions Webinar