Acorio’s 12 Days of Giving: Day Eight, A Bundle of Industry Insights

Welcome to day eight of our 4th Annual 12 Days of Giving. You know what that means – there’s only one week of delightful new content giveaways left before we all unplug for a long winter’s nap.

If you missed yesterday’s blog, I encourage you to catch up on the first installment of our new Acorio EXPAND series – a collection of ServiceNow content that will include insights from our executives, thoughts on innovation, eBooks, and more.

This year – the year that no one could have predicted – has been a time for each of us to step back and evaluate our world, our goals, and our hopes for the future. Calls for economic and social justice have taken center stage as priorities shift and we imagine new ways of thinking to carry us through into the next year and beyond.

Yet in order to truly conceive of a brighter, smarter future, we need to understand where we are today and the business challenges we must solve for. That’s why today we’re giving away a festive bundle of insight decks tailored to the industries we work with most frequently:

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
  • Energy & Mining

Read on for a sneak peek at the introduction to our latest Industry Insight Deck: Energy & Mining.

Resetting Our Path Forward

Energy, utility, and mining companies of today have inherited a new world.

They have grown accustomed to shocks in supply and demand – whether from natural disasters, geopolitical unrest, economic volatility, or shifting government regulations and consumer sentiment. Yet 2020 has served as a reset year for organizations across the board.

With millions of people worldwide compelled into isolation for weeks or months on end, we have had the opportunity to evaluate the world, our connection to it, and our place in it. Inequality – whether economic or social – has demanded our attention this year. And we have decided the future needs to be cleaner and smarter than we ever thought possible.

Adapting to the Future

Over the past year, the rise of remote work and school alongside mandatory stay-at-home measures plunged the demand for traditional energy – causing a rapid fall in prices worldwide. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, decision-makers in the industry were forced to make swift decisions that had the potential to affect their wider communities and even wholly separate industries. Having streamlined systems and processes, top-down visibility, and access to accurate data proved crucial to enable those decisions.

As the drumbeat of innovation marches on, companies that fail to adopt a growth mindset will not keep pace. Constantly evolving, while making agility, scalability, and transparency core business goals, will be the driving factor behind success in the new decade. Organizations able to maneuver quickly and decisively in the face of unprecedented disruption are the ones that will emerge as leaders.

To continue reading our latest Energy & Mining Insights or dive into our other Industry Insight decks, download the full bundle here. Each deck comes packed with an analysis of current trends, original research, advice from top analyst firms, and more.