12 Days of Giving, Day Four: Introducing Our New Industry Solution

Welcome to week two of our 2021 12 Days of Giving! If you’re just tuning in, here’s a quick recap of what you missed;

And now, for day four, I am so pleased to introduce you to our newest ServiceNow industry solution, which has been approved as part of the ServiceNow Partner Industry Solution program.

Unveiled in May 2020, the ServiceNow Partner Industry Solutions is a marketplace that showcases partner solutions designed to address the industry‑specific workflow and digital transformation needs of our joint customers. The showcase enables partners like us to drive differentiation, champion our industry expertise, and unlock new growth opportunities by reaching ServiceNow’s customers across the globe.

This newest solution, Reseller Support for Manufacturers and Retailers, is a Now Platform-based solution that facilitates case management for reseller transfers and back-office support for the manufacturer’s supported locations. Use cases include facilities support, transit issues, and marketing requests.

Manufacturers have faced adversity since the beginning of COVID-19 with supply chains severely hampered, a slowing labor market and stringent government mandates to ensure the safety of workers. Digital transformation is the key to recovery, building agile and resilient processes is the next evolution for manufacturers to connect everything, everywhere.

In the solution, the manufacturer’s agents receive requests from resellers or stores through the solution or by email as cases in ServiceNow and then move the requests through their lifecycle with automated responses built-in. Some of these requests include transfers of inventory between locations which require multiple touchpoints and are facilitated through a case. Site support is added to the solution to include the ability for the manufacturer to receive requests and support stores for their specific and unique needs.

Together with NTT DATA, Acorio now has three targeted manufacturing industry solutions available to their ServiceNow customers.

  • Unified Customer Support
  • Dealer Repair and Care
  • And now, Reseller Support for Manufacturers and Retailers

You can learn more about how Acorio helps manufacturers here or download a copy of Acorio’s Industry Trend: Your Manufacturing Industry Insights.