12 Days of Giving, Day 12: Brand-New ServiceNow Pitch Deck

Well, it’s official! We’re finally at our last day of this year’s 12 Days of Giving celebration. From an AirPod raffle to a case study compilation, and a new industry solution to executive insights deck, we’ve filled the last two weeks with back-to-back content unveilings. Here’s a quick recap of this year’s giveaway pieces:

In true Acorio style, we’re ending this year’s 12 Days of Giving with a bang: a brand new ServiceNow platform pitch deck. This 30-slide presentation provides an overview of the platform’s most popular solutions, along with client quotes, key research stats, and benefits for the tools highlighted.

Pitch Deck Best Practices

I hope you didn’t think we were just going to toss you this pitch deck and send you on your way. In order to ensure you make the most of your upcoming pitch deck, here are three crucial best practices…

  1. Make it your own. When it comes to pitch decks, no two are the same. Each deck should be curated to your specific audience. In other words, if you’re presenting to higher-level execs, you will want to focus on connecting how specific technology will deliver to your organization’s strategic goals and business objectives, whereas a pitch deck for your manager may include more tactical details like proposed project timelines.
  2. Prove value, don’t just talk about it. When it comes time to draft out your pitch deck, pay close attention to providing proof of the value that ServiceNow can provide. Need help on this front? ServiceNow makes it easy by providing a simple Value Calculator on their website. Their Customer Success Center is another great tool for finding helpful resources.
  3. Don’t drown in the details. Meant to start a larger conversation, pitch decks can’t ever cover everything, so make the most of every word in your presentation. Focus on providing a vision and value proposition, highlighting what business problem you’re aiming to solve and proving how the ServiceNow platform can deliver results that tie back to your organization’s specific business objectives. By focusing on these key points, you’ll keep your audience engaged without losing them in the weeds.

ServiceNow Success Pitch Deck

Now that you’re prepped and up-to-speed on pitch deck best practices, it’s time to dive into our new presentation. This pitch deck breaks down into 4 main sections covering components of the ServiceNow platform:

  • IT Workflows
  • Employee Workflows
  • Customer Workflows
  • Industry Solutions

From there, the sections each break down into individual slides highlighting specific platform solutions.

Ready to prep your pitch deck and hit the ground running in 2022? Download this giveaway and get started today.