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First Ever ServiceNow Insights Report: Where Do You Fall Among the 300?

Who says that Mondays have to be hated? Here at Acorio, we hit the ground running on Monday mornings, and this Monday is the start of week two of our 12 Days of Giving.

What’s in store for you today, you ask?


We are giving you a preview of two ServiceNow trends, straight from our Service Management Executive Insight and Vision Report. Over 320 leaders in the ServiceNow and Service Management space answered questions about the KPIs they track, the ROI they have experienced, and their top challenges in the enterprise.

Yes, we gave you a preview of this executive summary just a few weeks ago, but this report is packed with the top eight trends and commentary, so there is plenty more for you to learn. Be sure to not miss this opportunity to download the full executive report here.

What Does this Service Management Report Include?

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Having dedicated our entire business to ServiceNow, Acorio is always on the lookout for critical trends and changes in the marketplace. Yet, as we recently looked through the available ServiceNow research, we continued to see a significant gap – where were any reliable, data-based benchmarks?

This report is our answers to that deficit. Open to the worldwide ServiceNow community, Acorio’s ServiceNow Insight and Vision Survey is the first of its kind – a full-scale analysis of ServiceNow. This report dives deep into the impact of both Enterprise Service Management and the ServiceNow platform across the globe, explores how it is embraced across the Enterprise (from IT to Customer Service and HR to Business Management and SecOps), but most importantly, it looks at how ServiceNow is actually working inside your peers businesses today.

Trend 5: Implementation always leads to results, the question is, what type?

77% of respondents reported improved workflows and as ServiceNow is a system of work, it makes sense that improved workflows are a leading result of implementing the platform.

ServiceNow Results Graph

On the other hand, only 14% of respondents report cost savings. This causes a problem that firms must face, especially when justifying budgets, and could stem from difficulty tracking certain KPIs. However, it is important to note that the case for cost savings is reinforced by key metrics, including increased automation and reducing time to resolve, both of which performed well in reported results.

Trend 7: Time to Resolve and SLAs cited as the most critical ServiceNow KPIs.

When asked about the more relevant ServiceNow KPIs tracked by the ecosystem, respondents listed the top three as Time to resolve an incident or request (78%), Service Level Agreements (64%), and Customer Satisfaction Scores (59%).

For those wondering where cost cutting comes in, it ranked just under the top three, with 55% of companies focused on driving down the bottom line. ServiceNow, as a comprehensive platform, has the ability to not only cut down bottom-line costs but to in turn drive top-line revenue. The shift away from cost-cutting and pivot towards revenue-driving metrics, like incident resolution and SLA’s, are just another indication of ServiceNow’s breaking out from IT and expanding across the entire enterprise.

ServiceNow Metrics Chart

Want to discover other ServiceNow and Service Management trends?

We know these two trends are not nearly enough to satisfy your ServiceNow curiosities. And curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brings it back, which is why you can download the complete ServiceNow Insight and Vision Executive report here. Enjoy!

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