2018 in Review: ServiceNow Clients and Events, Plus a Few A-Team Memories

It seems that every year, December is a time for remembering and celebrating.

Beyond the prescribed holidays, everyone reflects back on their year. With the New Year fast approaching, we thought we would do the same. I asked members of the A-Team to share what they remembered most about 2018; from celebratory gatherings, award-winning nights, A+ client presentations, or an above and beyond go-live, here is what they had to say.

Learning and Growth, It’s Not Just for the New Kids

Ryan Gilespie is not only our Slack King (or police, depending on who you ask) but also one of our top ServiceNow Technical Consultants, with a focus on ITOM. He works across a variety of client projects, as well as on internal training. Here’s what he had to say about 2018!

“One of my favorite memories was giving the onboarding collaboration training presentation, just a day after my own one year anniversary. I just remembered how I felt the year before, sitting in the same onboarding room – giddy, excited to be at Acorio and then thinking ‘I’ll never be giving any sort of internal training let alone be trusted with the new hires…’ and yet, one year later, there I was!”

His comments reminded me of one of my own favorite parts about the past year, and Acorio in general, which is how fast we all grow. The pace of the ServiceNow world is exponentially increasing and the work environment here supports personal growth right alongside of it. Whether it’s leading projects, giving onboarding sessions, or teaching at Knowledge, our team has done it all.

Speaking of growth, it’s hard to remember the year without talking about Academy. Acorio Academy, where we take consultants and teach them ServiceNow, is always a highlight, and a direct contributor to our learning programs. This year we had two incredible sessions (each lasting about six months), and classes were taught by people all across the company, from pre-sales to architects. Juliet Acuff, our Academy Program Director and VP of Strategic Initiatives, said;

“Every academy graduation makes me beam with pride. From the graduates learning and accomplishments to the mentor’s pride and sense of awe and the tremendous amount of support from throughout the company. This visual of the amazing potential and growth throughout Acorio is without a doubt my favorite from 2018”.

Ryan quickly jumped in about the academy, too. “I will also say that mentoring Danny Clark as part of the Academy program has been a great experience. It feels neat to be able to work with someone in that capacity – really collaborate, get down and dirty with the platform and help someone navigate it.” Pairing experienced consultants and ServiceNow technicians with newer consultants is beneficial to both, and it’s safe to say that Ryan is eager to do it again in 2019 with our next academy class!

Events, Events, Events

Meghan Lockwood, our VP of Strategic Marketing, is also our queen of events, and she had a few things to say about the events we attended this year. Oh, we attended 25 ServiceNow specific events in 2018… in case anyone was keeping track.

Knowledge, SNUG’s, NowSummits, and Future of Works are always remembered for their inspirational messages, peer interactions, and swapping of ServiceNow war stories. But Meghan also remembers events from the other side… the unseen planning side.

“I just remember walking through a casino at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with Victoria Carroll, carrying a 10 foot long balloon arch, because all of our booth boxes got lost in the mail, but when it comes down to it, spit, duct tape, and last-minute hustle can put together a pretty good event booth.”

Brianne Gallagher, one of our Senior ServiceNow Consultants (and previous Academy graduate) attended Knowledge along with 30+ other Acorio co-workers.

“One of my favorite memories was at Knowledge18 when I met a client I had worked with over the phone for two years in person for the first time. Over the course of the past two years, we had taken on our share of challenges together and he was patient with me if I didn’t know the answers right away. It was so neat to put a face to a voice and to connect with him outside of any specific ServiceNow question he had. I was humbled that he took the time just to come by our booth, say ‘hi’, and chat for a bit.”

Celebrating Our Clients Alongside Our Team

And of course, it is impossible to celebrate 2018, without talking about our clients.

We are 100% ServiceNow focused. Always have been. Which means our commitment to getting ServiceNow right at your business is unwavering. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy, but it does mean that we walk away with a sense of accomplishment and purpose fulfillment for each and every one of our client projects.

“I’m constantly amazed at our Delivery team’s ability to execute on complex projects with challenging client requirments.” Jared Romaine, Acorio Pre-Sales Solution Architect

Our client success is so salient to our culture, that we dedicate a significant portion of our monthly all-company calls and our yearly all-company summit just to talking, reviewing, and strategizing about different projects.

Of course, when we are done with that… we take a bit of time to celebrate each other too!

“One of my favorite memories – arriving in San Diego for our internal Summit with Brianne, James Hamilton, and Kathy Blackburn…all piling into a compact Uber to get to the hotel.

Plus at Summit18 I got to present my Shark Tank idea in-person, in front of the entire company.” Ryan concludes, “Man, I’ve got a lot of awesome memories.”

I couldn’t agree with you more, Ryan.

It’s safe to say that the A-Team is looking forward to doing a lot more of the same in 2019; client projects, new ServiceNow releases, Knowledge19, late nights, many cups of coffee, and a few team gatherings!

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