2019 Retrospective: ServiceNow Transformation Stories, Top Blogs, eBooks, and More

It’s the time of year where every other news article and social media post seems to be some sort of “year in review”. On top of that – we’re also rounding out the whole of the 2010’s decade. That’s a lot of recapping hitting your newsfeed.

Since reading about all of your friends’ music choices from the past ten years might be getting old, we’re bringing you a different type of year-end wrap-up. The kind that will actually help you launch into the new year with ServiceNow transformation inspiration and practical resources.

Over the past year we’ve hit plenty of our own milestones; 148 new blogs, 26 ServiceNow-specific events, 14 webinars, countless client projects, certification training hours, new awards, and even a few penthouse parties.

Here are the milestones we think you might want to take note of as you head into 2020.

Measuring ServiceNow Transformation with Stories

We mentioned countless client projects. Among those transformations – a few stood out as gold-standard examples of partnership success, platform capabilities, and the evolving business priorities of the modern enterprise.

Catch up on our top client stories from 2019 below.

148 Blogs in Retrospective

We know you might not have read all 148 blogs we published in 2019. But some of them are too good to miss.

Whether we were launching a new eBook, celebrating a new award, or recapping lessons learned at Knowledge, we publish a little something for everyone. Here are five of the most popular (or you can skim all of them here).

  1. 27 ServiceNow Professionals You Should Be Following
  2. A GIF for Every Step of your ServiceNow Implementation
  3. ServiceNow Releases New York – Explore the Big Apple Release
  4. 100 ServiceNow Statistics for Your Next PowerPoint Presentation
  5. Annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Executive Summary [eBook]

Moving Forward into 2020

We already have many big things in store for 2020 and the new decade and continuing to bring you the best ServiceNow expertise is at the very top of the list. To launch into the new year, check out our 2020 ServiceNow Predictions Webinar.