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Understanding ServiceNow in 2020: The 2020 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report Reveals Digital Transformation Strategies, Platform Successes, and Industry Trends

I am so pleased to officially announce that today, Acorio is releasing our second annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report, featuring 430 unique responses, thousands of individual data points, and quotes from global platform leaders.

As the new decade breaks, technology in the enterprise appears to sit at yet another inflection point. Under that principle, Acorio launched its second annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report, the only full-scale analysis with original data and insights on the Global ServiceNow ecosystem.

New data unearthed in the 2020 Report supports and expands the assertion that the pace of Digital Transformation has dramatically accelerated. ServiceNow has now successfully positioned itself into the Enterprise fabric for the world’s leading companies, backed by a nearly 20 percent growth of organizations using four or more applications of the platform. However, the Report also explores the construct that there are many layers to successfully building this digital tapestry of the future including insights on tactical and operational challenges that have the power to inhibit overall growth.

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The main assertion of the Report is clear: ServiceNow is gearing up to be the heartbeat of the modern enterprise – the workflow engine that unites and empowers all other enterprise technology. But the question still remains: Are companies today ready to capitalize on the change they say they have been waiting for?

The full report is available here but I also wanted to call out a few major points below.

  1. Digital Transformation and ESM strategies have hit wide-scale adoption – and investment in the entire ServiceNow Platform rose significantly in the past year.
    • 65% of organizations are currently deploying a Digital Transformation strategy, and 73% report executing on Enterprise Service Management initiatives (the IT execution arm for digital service initiatives).
    • These initiatives are still relatively new – of the companies engaging in digital transformation, 23% are just getting started, while just 2% consider them complete.
    • Investment in the ServiceNow Suite of products showed aggressive growth – the number of individuals investing in 4+ ServiceNow Platform elements (IT, HR, Customer Service, etc.) grew nearly 3X in one year, now sitting at 31%.
    • The IT platform continues to dominate, but the expansion products of HR and Customer Service both grew by six percent, and SecOps investment rose 5% in just one year.
    • Looking to the future, over half of organizations today are focused on automation and Artificial Intelligence as keys to the future, while 52% are looking at their Customer Experience.
  2. A dramatic lack of Enterprise-wide strategy and effective organizational structure puts transformation success at Risk.
    • While 65% of firms report they are interested in Digital Transformation, only 52% have Strategic Roadmaps to execute on that strategy using for ServiceNow, and a rising 20% of respondents don’t know if they have one or not.
    • Of those with a strategic vision for ServiceNow, 55% report that strategy has changed in the past year, and 18% don’t know if it has changed.
    • Perhaps, as a result, satisfaction for Digital Transformation and ESM strategies both receive failing grades, with overall satisfaction for digital transformation receiving a 6.6 of 10, and ESM eking out a grade of 6.9.
    • Companies are facing ServiceNow growing pains – the No 1 challenge facing companies using ServiceNow today is our Roadmap keeps growing beyond what we can keep up with, with a lack of experienced resources to do the work ranking third.
    • Further, while ServiceNow adoption is coming to the entire organization, budgets still live in IT, with the CIO making the priorities for over half of all companies today.

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