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Third Annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report is Released: 500 Leaders Share Digital Transformation and ServiceNow Journeys

Our entire team is so deeply excited to share with you our third annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report. Our annual look at the innovations and strides being made in our ecosystem by leaders like you (who are dedicated to digital transformation and the power of the ServiceNow platform) is nothing short of inspirational.

This year we captured the findings of nearly 500 professionals on digital transformation and ServiceNow adoption. During a period in which every company was forced to rethink its digital strategy due to the unforeseen toll of COVID-19, more than half of respondents to this year’s survey reported that their digital transformation initiatives started or increased in importance because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, as companies eye what the future workforce looks like, nearly 40 percent of respondents listed return to work as a newly important priority for this year.

“Every year our study has confirmed what we are seeing in our own client base: digital transformation progress is steadily being made across the board at companies. As the way companies think about digital transformation has evolved, adoption of ServiceNow has increased right alongside of it: In this year’s study, nearly two-thirds of respondents report using three or more ServiceNow products.” – Ellen Daley, SVP, Acorio

There is nothing like a crisis to challenge your assumptions on what you think is realistic for your company or for technology to get done within a certain time period. And this year certainly pushed our constructs of what is possible. Whether it’s transforming your customer support system, enabling your employees to work remotely, or driving asset management efficiencies, technology can be the defining competitive advantage. For us, there is one enterprise platform playing a pivotal role in facilitating this digital revolution: ServiceNow, the “platform of platforms” that is transforming right alongside their clients.

While the full report has over 50 charts and insights to go along with them, here is a quick preview of some of the results:

  • Innovation in advanced automation is becoming intertwined with digital transformation efforts. In last year’s report, 46 percent of the largest companies surveyed (those with 10,000+ full-time employees) reported having ‘just started’ on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives. Only 21 percent of the same group reported the same stage in our 2020 survey. Meanwhile, 55 percent of those companies today report having AI, Machine Learning, and Automation initiatives underway for a year or more, increasing by 21 percent since last year.

 “It is critically important for leaders to use digital innovation to bring new thinking into customer and workplace experiences and streamlining operations.” – Marci Parker, VP of Client Delivery, Acorio

  • Digital transformation leaders are becoming more regular. Nearly two-thirds of larger firms reported having Digital Transformation initiatives underway for a year or more, and 15 percent reported being almost done with their Digital Transformation initiatives. That’s nearly double the number from last year’s report, in which only eight percent of firms reported being almost done with their Digital Transformation initiatives.
  • Roadmaps have changed. More than half of ServiceNow roadmaps changed across industries in 2020 due to the pandemic outbreak. COVID-19 served as an unwelcome reminder for businesses that strategies and roadmaps should be built with flexibility and contingencies, because circumstances will change and need to be adaptable during times of crisis.



About Acorio’s Insight and Vision Series

Launched back in 2018, our inaugural ServiceNow Insight and Vision survey set out to provide the ecosystem with a comprehensive look into the state of the platform. As we watch the staggering growth rate of digital initiatives, we are also watching the growth trajectory of the platforms that support them, including ServiceNow.

This year, we set out to fully understand ServiceNow’s capabilities and technological potential amidst this tumultuous year from those who use the platform every day. Our 2021 Survey delivers primary data straight from over 450 customers, experts and technology leaders in our 3rd annual Insight and Vision Survey.

The report summarizes hundreds of responses from leaders like you from across the globe into 38 pages and 51 charts highlighting key initiatives, platform products, challenges, KPI’s, and results as seen over the past three years across specific industries and company sizes.

For additional Insight and Vision resources, along with information on research methodology and demographics, please see the end of the full report.