5 Budgeting Tips to Fully Leverage ServiceNow in 2021

Here at Acorio, we know that with a new year comes a new budget. Today we’ll share 5 tips from ServiceNow Certified Master Architect Allison Holt, designed to help you take advantage of ServiceNow’s capabilities to ensure your business continues transforming in 2021. 

In this video, Allison shares her 5 key tips for making sure you’re getting the most out of the ServiceNow platform. But don’t worry – if you prefer your essential ServiceNow information in text form, we have all of her sage advice written below as well. 

For Allison’s full answer, as well as more expert opinions on where ServiceNow is headed in 2021, you can watch the full 10 Q&As on ServiceNow Webinar here.

1. Assess your current Strategic Roadmap.

What has changed about your business since you first created the roadmap? Especially after a year like 2020, you may need to reprioritize your implementations based on changes in your business or industry. If your organization doesn’t have a Strategic Roadmap in place, the new year is a great opportunity to take the time to create one for the next year, 2 years or 5 years. This roadmap should be based on the priorities and needs of your current business and will provide a “true north” as you continue to transform your business with ServiceNow.

2. Invest in your staff.

As you implement your digital transformation, you may need more support to keep your business running smoothly. Not only is it important to have enough support, but it’s also key to have the correct support. If you know that a new application will be implemented based on your roadmap, invest in training for your staff members so that they can continue to support the application well after the go-live. Even if you plan to work with a ServiceNow Partner, it’s still imperative to have someone within the organization to support and understand what’s going on in your instance. 

3.  You might already own what you need!

It’s easier (and cheaper!) to work with what you already have, so double-check your baseline to make sure you’re taking advantage of what you’ve already invested in. The Automated Test Framework is one example of an often-overlooked feature that can, depending on your configuration, quickly and easily test Out of the Box functionality, which can massively reduce the time it takes to upgrade.

4. Look at areas to automate.

We’ve all heard that “time is money”, right? Automating certain processes can help your people focus on the critical work they need to get done. Maximize your organization’s efficiency by finding places to automate and streamline–and rid your staff of manual work. 

5. Utilize OOB Spokes.

The ServiceNow world has been buzzing about sticking to OOTB functionality for a while now, and it’s not for nothing! The cost of implementing and maintaining OOTB Spokes is far less than a custom application. To get the most functionality for your budget, make sure you’re leveraging Spokes that are already available to you. 

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