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5 ServiceNow Obstacles Overcome with Virtual Assistance

Employees. Customers. IT.

These are the three groups that ServiceNow has been targeting with their newest “works for you” platform campaigns. As the enterprise software continues to expand horizontally across the business (at a rapid rate) it serves all three of these groups. But as we’ve seen with our own clients, the new platform growth brings on a new set of business challenges and considerations for success.

From the initial planning and scoping meetings to post-implementation maintenance, it’s essential to think of your ServiceNow implementation, not as a purely technical issue, but rather a holistic business initiative, that includes a heavy dose of advisory strategy.

One of the ways that Acorio makes sure our clients continue to receive the right help for their ServiceNow instance is our Acorio Virtual Assistance (AVA) program. With AVA, our clients gain the extra set(s) of hands, on a monthly basis, they need to maintain and expand their ServiceNow instance.  

To show you the benefit of AVA, or a similar ServiceNow support service, let’s walk through a few potential issues you might come across.

Your Problem:   

You don’t have enough work to justify an additional full-time ServiceNow Admin, but could use an experienced developer to help your team. 

Your Solution: 

This the perfect use case for Acorio’s Virtual Assistance (AVA) service.   

AVA can provide as little as 1/8th of an experienced Full-time ServiceNow Resource (20 hours per month).  If you need more, that’s great, our bench is full of well-trained ServiceNow consultants eager to help your team. You’ll have access to developers that are certified across the entire ServiceNow platform, as well as specialists with deep product expertise. 

Your Problem:   

ServiceNow can do so much to help so many business units besides just IT.  After implementing the platform in one business area, your company is now trying its best to keep up with the demand for additional ServiceNow implementations across other departments. 

Your Solution: 

This is the blessing and curse of ServiceNow: It works so well for so many business units, most everyone who uses it can see how they can take advantage of the platform and leverage it for their own uses.  Of course, they needed it yesterday. 

Because of this, most companies have a backlog of enhancements to extend the use of ServiceNow to keep pace with their business demands.  If you’re looking for help with developing your ServiceNow roadmap, the senior developers on Acorio’s AVA team have years of experience working on ServiceNow projects and decades of business experience to guide you in the right direction. 

Your Problem:   

Your company is newer to ServiceNow and has an admin who works hard, but at times they seem to be overwhelmed by their workload. 

Your Solution: 

In most cases, a company’s ServiceNow Admin may have attended the ServiceNow 3-day Certified System Administrator (CSA) training course and earned their certification.  Have they kept the CSA Certification current by continuously updating their certifications with new releases?  Have they built upon their CSA with other certifications? 

Maybe your ServiceNow Admin also support3 or 10 other applications.  Carving out time to gather requirements, create a plan that will take advantage of the best practices and, perform the development is getting increasingly tough. This doesn’t include having worked through some complex development initiatives. 

At Acorio, ServiceNow is all we do.  Sure, we have experiences with all other major applications out there; we’re familiar with how to conduct integrations and ensure that they work well with ServiceNow.  Our team is truly comprised of ServiceNow experts, and all of Acorio’s Technical Consultants are certified in multiple areas. With this experience and proven knowledge, Acorio’s delivery team will help lighten the load of your system admin to stop them from burning out. 

Your Problem:   

You need ServiceNow up and running but are having trouble finding a full-time Admin/Developer.  You sent one of your technicians to the 3-Day course, but even after his return, you still think he needs more seasoning. 

Your Solution: 

To think that you can send someone to a 3-day course and have them come back with the ability to fully support and develop on any application is, at bestwishful thinking.  Placing such high expectations on someone who is still considerably new to the platform sets them (and thus, your team) up for failure.  

Use AVA to help us teach your admin how to best support your environment.  Many of our clients use some of their support hours as the time for our team to train your admins.  The benefit of this approach is that we can instruct your new sysadmin and then look over their shoulder as they work through something more complex.  This method of teaching establishes a strong commitment to continual learning which is a defining characteristic of our program. 

Your Problem:   

ServiceNow is an exceptionally powerful tool; your company lovethe data that it collects, but you aren’t doing much with the information collected.  How can you pull that data into meaningful metrics?  

Your Solution: 

This is an all-too-common trendCollecting good data and doing nothing with it is not only a waste of resources but also an action that limits your ability to predict and then address future issues before they happen.  

Acorio has people who have decades of experience managing Service Desk, Support Center and ITSM projects.  We can identify what is important to track for your business, set up reports and dashboard to get your finger on the pulse of what’s important. 

To learn more about Acorio’s Virtual Assistance, you can visit our website or download our AVA eBook, Are you Fully Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow? 5 Common Scenarios That Trip up Our Customers (And How to Avoid Them!) This book covers:  

  • The general challenge facing admins and platform owners 
  • What’s preventing you from taking full advantage of ServiceNow’s potential in your company 
  • The most important questions you should be asking your partner to keep you on the right track 
  • Common hints to ensure you’re getting the right kind of support to set you up for success. 

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