Boston ServiceNow community Dev Meetup

6 Ways to Share Your Passion for ServiceNow

Dedicating both infrastructure and attention to its audience, ServiceNow has certainly invested in its community. Even just based on the sheer volume of comments in the #community channel each week, it’s clear that the community is investing right back. Nearly everywhere you look in the ServiceNow ecosystem, you can find long-term evangelists and the newly-converted sharing their passion for the platform.

That passion for the platform comes to a head every year during ServiceNow’s annual Knowledge Conference. This year, over 13,000 people descended into Orlando, Florida for K17: a full week of pre-conference training, workshops, and keynote presentations – as well as a CreatorCon developer conference on the side.

But don’t worry — even though K17 has come to a close, you don’t have to wait in anxious anticipation until Vegas next year to share your enthusiasm for ServiceNow.

To help you continue to stay engaged in the ServiceNow community post-Knowledge, Acorio has six stellar suggestions for SNOW communities you can participate in, any time of the year.

1. The ServiceNow Online Community

Key features:

  • Open Q&A
  • Community blogs
  • Gamified, fun experience

This online community is the best place to go if you need help with a technical problem.  With its open questions & answers structure, this community is the most thorough and reliable place to seek ServiceNow solutions, having experts chime in with past experience “do’s and don’ts,” always willing to help out a fellow developer.

Many gamification elements of the community make it fun as well. As you ask and answer questions, you can “like,” and mark answers as “correct” or “helpful.” Plus, when your comments are marked by others, you earn points – in no time, you can accrue some legitimate community cred. Caution: it’s addictive.

2. ServiceNow Developer Meetups

In fact, there is a meetup tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31st – In our hometown of Boston.

Key features:

  • Exclusively for Developers
  • Focused on development — which means no sales or product pitches
  • Enhance your network, your personal brand, and your support group

Dev Meetups, which pop up all over the place, are the best way to get to know Developers in your area.  Being the lone developer at a company, or trying to come up with a solution to complex problems with no guidance, can sometimes leave you feeling isolated or uncertain.  Having – and continuously building – a network of friends who are developers like you alleviates this feeling.

While the meetup itself will not solve issues many developers experience day in and day out, the networking and piqued curiosity is invaluable. From Denver to Melborne, to Boston to Chennai, meetups are everywhere! Check to see if one is near you and, if not, create one! These fantastic events are ServiceNow sponsored, so attendance, food, and drink are completely free – not to mention, a developer’s oasis. No recruiters, no marketers, no sales representatives – just developers talking shop.

Dev Meetups can also be as casual as getting together for a drink at a local bar with fellow ServiceNow developers and chatting about your latest Service Portal widget. On the other side, they can be as formal as meeting at a company’s headquarters, having planned presentations and guest speakers to spark your innovative mind.

As we just showcased above: the first Boston Developer meetup on May 31st will occur at Acorio’s headquarters.  We love to see the community grow, and help foster it where we can.  ServiceNow Magician Josh Nerius will be speaking, and there are still spots left!

3. SN-Dev Slack community

Key Features:

  • Easy access to immediate real-time help (or watercooler talk on #random)
  • Meet members of the ServiceNow community from all over and crowdsource the answers to your questions across a very knowledgeable group

This public ServiceNow slack community is used to get immediate feedback. With over 1,400 members (and counting), active contributions to the different channels within the group are abundant. When you’re in a bind, you can post to the channel and chat in real time with 1,000 of your closest friends, eager to help solve your issue(s). Or, if you just want to share a funny gif, you can share the experience with fellow SN devs in the random channel.

One caution: The channel history is not available, and questions get lost pretty fast, so while immediate, the slack channel does not have the permanence or depth that the community provides.

4. ServiceNow User Groups (SNUGs)

Key Features:

  • The latest information on what’s new with ServiceNow
  • Great overall networking

On the flip side of the ServiceNow Developer meetups are the SNUGs (ServiceNow User Groups). These are larger, more formal conferences that embrace the community as a whole, complete with recruiters, partners to enlist, and product pitches. These events are also free, thanks to the sponsoring partner, and they offer a great opportunity to learn more about what’s upcoming in the ServiceNow world while meeting with members of the broader ServiceNow community near you!  In addition to all the learning, finding a ServiceNow partner to help with implementation or a new ServiceNow job are not uncommon occurrences at SNUGs.

SNUGs are guaranteed to get you psyched about working with ServiceNow and tide you over while you wait for Knowledge.

5. SubredditYoutube / Twitter

Key Features:

  • Full of helpful information
  • Vibrant communities
  • A surprising wealth of knowledge

ServiceNow has a substantial presence across several social media platforms, allowing you to catch interesting facts and follow the applications that interest you.

Its vibrant Twitter community includes some big names in the ServiceNow industry, who are great people to follow for a constant flow of ServiceNow updates and information. In addition to these ServiceNow rock stars, I recommend following the people who interest you most and to see what they are doing in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Youtube has countless tutorials and SN demos posted, and while you have to be careful since ServiceNow videos become deprecated so quickly, the information is usually pretty informative. This platform is a wonderful option for visual learners, as you can imagine.

The ServiceNow subreddit (and lots of other platforms) provide similar advantages – a place to talk ServiceNow and see what others are saying about the applications, modules, or platform as a whole.  You may be surprised by how much content truly exists when you check it out.

6. The Annual Knowledge Conference

Key Features:

  • The premier ServiceNow event
  • Find out where ServiceNow is headed and what you need to know to keep up
  • You can also get information at regional NOW Forums, which will be held this year at….
    • New York – held on October 17th, DC – held on October 10th, and Chicago – held on October 26th.
  • As fun as it is informative

And last but certainly not least. If you did not know what Knowledge was when you started this article, it’s time you learned. ServiceNow’s annual conference it is a spectacle to be seen – with workshops, demos, keynotes, and time to wander the halls and speak to potential ServiceNow partners, Knowledge offers the ultimate ServiceNow hype experience.

Check out the website, the videos, and the resources to get a glimpse of the magic, then go to the real thing.