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9 ServiceNow Stats Confirmed to Change the Way You Think about Service Management

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A week ago we released our Annual Report: ServiceNow Insight and Vision. The report highlights how top companies from all around the world are driving change for their employees and customers. This change centers around digital transformation, but a digital transformation of a different color – the top companies can produce transformation in a manifested, concrete, time-bound way.

In fact, digital transformation has been talked about for over a decade, and by now we are all a little immune to the power of possibility behind the buzzword.

But what about Service Management?

This is the approach to driving change that ServiceNow has taken, coming into organizations and starting from the ground up to bring a holistic (ie. connected) development of services from IT to HR to facilities and more.

ESM is not its own revolution, but the evolution of IT processes that were brought forward during the digital revolution and then slowly crept their way into these separate silos of a company. Each of these silos deployed their own service management principles (and individual software and products). But sooner or later, every company experiences the drawbacks and pains of having siloed service management. Company leaders realize that if they are not evolving to respond to the digital revolution, they are already behind. ServiceNow founders and leaders realized the same thing, and went about building a platform to bring silos back together.

ServiceNow Stats to Make You Rethink Service Management [Slide Deck]

In light of the intersection between digital transformation and Service Management, below are 9 stats (plus a few bonus quotes and insights) to make you rethink what you thought you knew about ServiceNow and ESM. If you want to download your own copy of the slides, you can do so here.

Need more numbers?

This report, with insights and data gathered from over 300 of your ServiceNow peers, is not one to miss. Along with more insights from business executives this report dives into:

  • ServiceNow KPI’s, implementation challenges and results at medium and large companies
  • Industry spotlights of federal and healthcare respondents
  • A look at the future of ServiceNow as a company and as a platform.

To access the full report, click here.


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