Acorio’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology

Ensure Project Success with AAIM

Unlike pure technical methodologies, Acorio’s AAIM methodology addresses the process, technology, and people change necessary for successful transformations.

Acorio has developed a 7-phase methodology designed for the efficient implementation of all our ServiceNow solutions, blending agile strategies with the structure and repeatability of a traditional waterfall approach. In every project, we focus on on-time, in-budget delivery while emphasizing client training and knowledge transfer.

  1. Initiate. Acorio aligns with your internal team to develop a deep understanding of your project objectives and expectations across process, technology, and organizational change opportunities.
  2. Define. We collect baseline functional requirements and specific user stories via in-person workshops with our expert Process Consultants. Our Technical Architects certify the design.
  3. Plan. Acorio will approve user stories and develop a detailed project schedule, built upon scope and schedule, both defined in the statement of work.
  4. Build. We will configure, customize, and code the requirements in ServiceNow, managed with an agile process, with constant unit /story testing to ensure every individual function, as well as the solution as a whole, works properly.
  5. Test. We focus our testing on your platform performance and then train your team to execute the tests and remediate defects on your own. The result is a reliable, fully-tested solution ready for production.
  6. Transition. To ensure impactful system adoption and long-term success, Acorio performs three main activities during this phase: transitioning solution to production, providing ongoing support to your internal ServiceNow users, and training users on the new system.
  7. Close. Finally, the team closes out all final project handoffs, including reporting to ensure your KPI’s are tracking your long-term success
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ServiceNow 101: 3 Crucial Powers

  • Satisfy Demands. ServiceNow can be leveraged as a means for meeting speed and visibility expectations among your customers, employees, and partners.
  • See Progress. Leveraging data-gathering and reporting functionalities can reveal and visualize a wide range of previously obscured business behaviors.
  • Solve Problems. As a powerful resource for analyzing and interpreting events to expose root causes, ServiceNow provides insight on opportunities for proactive change.
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