Acorio’s Accelerate Program: Establishing True ServiceNow Experts

As an alum of Acorio’s first Accelerate cohort, I’m here today to share my experience about this unique company initiative. For those unfamiliar with Acorio’s Accelerate program, allow me to introduce our 13-week training program that transforms IT professionals with limited ServiceNow experience into confident technical consultants for the platform.  

Our training consists of virtual instructor-led classes, self-paced learning, hands-on labs, project shadowing and mock workshops for an immersive enablement experience, so that all Accelerate graduates can become the best possible consultants during their time at Acorio 

I was first referred to the Accelerate Program by a fellow Acorian who I had worked with previously at another organization. He texted me one day about an opportunity he thought would be a great fit – from there, things moved pretty quickly. The next day, one of Acorio’s recruiters reached out to me on LinkedIn with more information about the Accelerate Program, and the rest is history!  

At that point, I already had two past coworkers who had joined the Acorio team and they both started telling me how awesome of a company Acorio was, so here I am, I had to see for myself. One of my first impressions of Acorio was how great the culture was. The Culture Code that Acorio follows shows just how much the company cares for and believes in their employees. From there, I knew I was at the right place and everything fell into place: I was excited to make it through the interview process and conduct my training and role at Acorio 100% remotely.  

Looking back, the most surprising part of Accelerate was its degree of organization: the training sessions and materials were scheduled according to each day throughout the 13 weeks, giving it a very fast pace with specific targets and clear daily goals to accomplish.  

This fast pace challenged our cohort and really pushed us to lean on one another as a single team to accomplish our goals together. Even though we were all working remotely apart from each other, we were always able to ask each other questions and grow our knowledge together as an upcoming team.  

Our buddy system is another foundational aspect of the program that brings our peeps together. Upon joining the program, each Accelerate member was matched with a mentor to shadow along our journey. My assigned buddy was Brent Dressel and I’m so grateful to have had such a highly experienced consultant that I could shadow, ask questions, and learn from.  

Between working STRYS with me in my Developer Instance for the training course to doing code reviews and practices, Brent helped me countless times during my time in Accelerate. Most importantly, he took the time to show me real-life examples of how he manages his clients’ work each day, always tying back our coding to real life client situations. Brent’s a natural mentor with an exceptional can-do attitude that rubs off on those around him. Even now that I’ve graduated Accelerate, he is still eager to help me out whenever I’m in need of assistance – I couldn’t have asked for a more committed, passionate mentor.  

Accelerate’s formal mentorship program and fast-paced learning were game changers for each of us in my cohort.

But don’t just take my word for it, the program’s results speak for themselves. Since the beginning of the program, I have earned two ServiceNow Certifications & three Micro Certifications. I’m now a Certified System Administrator and a Certified Implementation Specialist in IT Service Management. I’m also currently taking the Certified Application Developer course, and eyeing the CAD Certification as my next target.  

Reflecting back on my 13 weeks, I’m so thankful to Acorio for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first groups to complete their Accelerate program. The structure of the program and trainings really demonstrates how highly Acorio values its employees and invests in its people.  

It’s really special to have so many talented experts all on the same team who are genuinely excited to help each other grow.  

Interested in joining our next Accelerate cohort? We won’t start recruiting until later this year, but in the meantime, you can send your resume to [email protected].  Until then, check out our Careers Page for other openings.