ACE Training Dayz: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

At the beginning of 2021, our leadership team announced internally that they were blocking off six full working days throughout the calendar year for the team to focus exclusively on training and professional development. These Acorio Continuing Education (ACE) training days show an investment in our people so we can continue to elevate our client offerings and maintain our competitive edge in the ever-expanding ServiceNow ecosystem.  

Today is the company’s second ACE training day, and needless to say, our team has been relishing this time to catch up on ServiceNow certs and explore the platform’s latest updates.  

Personally, I’m using today to work on gaining my ITSM suite certification. Honestly, I feel silly that I don’t have it yet, but in practice it can be hard to carve out the time to chip away at micro certs amidst client work. I mean, who isn’t juggling 3 bowling balls and hurdling at the same time? I mean, my uncle-in-law (who was previously in the Guinness Book of World Records for similar feats) but that doesn’t count. 

Beyond expanding our platform knowledge, I also like to think of ACE days as a mental reset.  Normally our team runs hot, and this time allows us to slow down, take a breath, and recharge with self-guided trainings and professional development. When we’re knee deep in client work, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees – by blocking off time for professional development and training, our peeps get to step back and focus on the areas of the platform that interest them most. In turn, they can use those skills to help our clients achieve their own successes. At the end of the day, our success is also our clients’ success. 

There are many companies out there today that talk about all the benefits they offer their employees, but in my experience, very few of them understand or appreciate what investing in their people can do for the company and its internal organizations. I was pleasantly surprised when our leadership team introduced the concept of ACE training dayz back in January because Acorio has really put its money where its mouth is, and the results so far have been promising. Given all of the cool new features and functions that have come out on the platform, ACE days gives us the chance to play with all of ServiceNow’s cool new toys. 

Some folks may ask, isn’t this a great day to passively watch videos and switch out your laundry? In theory, yes, but with Acorio’s unlimited vacation policy, our teammates could just as easily take a day off. This time that’s dedicated 100% to training is valuable and treasured by our team, and our peeps take it seriously. Also, since I’m at home anyway I just take care of the laundry when I take a break. I’m all about efficiency people. 

Believe me when I say that our team genuinely shares a passion for learning. In fact, my favorite thing about ACE training days is how eager everyone is to dive into these learning opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have 50 hours annually to explore. Across our company Slack and internal Zoom calls, there’s a tangible level of excitement from everybody in the days leading up to each ACE day. Folks love to share what they’re learning, post pictures of their trainings, and ask their peers about their trainings. As passionate as we are about ServiceNow and our clients, it gives us all one more connection. 

This all relates back to our mission as a company. At our core, Acorians are constantly striving to better ourselves and those around us. Whether through radical candor or POP (Power of Partnership) training, we consistently push each other to improve. I’m surrounded by people who want to keep me at my A-game (We do refer to ourselves as the A-Team after all), and with the added time of ACE days, I know that my team is invested (literally and figuratively) in my personal success. 

So, “Happy ACE Training Day” to my fellow Acorians. I hope this post can serve as a reminder that everyone deserves to work on a team that invests in your professional development and success. 

To learn more about our ACE day initiative, you can check out this video on youtube.