BusinessForward Acquisition announcement

Acorio Announces Acquisition of Consulting Firm, BusinessForward

Acorio is thrilled to announce the acquisition of previous business partner, BusinessForward. The consulting firm specializes in helping IT, HR, and other corporate leaders derive the most from their Service Management investments.

“We are thrilled to merge forces with BusinessForward and boost our advisory capabilities. The ServiceNow journey has accelerated over the past six months, and we are seeing our global clients demanding new kinds of transformational engagements.” – Ellen Daley, CEO, Acorio

These “transformation engagements” hinge on digital transformation.

Despite its buzzword roots, digital transformation is actually a simple and concrete concept. At its core, its goal is to streamline or automate your business procedures by weaving in layers of intelligent automation and workflows that increase business productivity. Given that principle, it’s easy to understand why IT budgets focused on Digital Transformation are steadily increasing, according to TechRepublic.

However, while the concept is simple, the execution is anything but. And with rising budgets and growing executive attention at stake, our clients are demanding more from their transformation partners.

ServiceNow: The Backbone of Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation

Today, digital transformation is a line item for so many of our clients – and ServiceNow is the platform driving that initiative for change.

ServiceNow has grown far beyond its ITSM roots – with new products surfacing (and making waves) in the last two years — plus a significant increase in the past eight months. Clients have truly embraced growing platform elements such as Customer Service Management and HR Service Delivery, in some cases faster, and with more creativity, than even the market expected.

“In order to shift their organization’s focus away from the transactional and towards the transformational, business functions like HR need to rethink the way they deliver traditional services. That’s where we come in, not only do we provide the tools and technology but we also help companies create a vision of what Service Management can look and feel like.” – Josh Scott, Managing Director of Services, BusinessForward

We’re seeing the impact of its platform expansion in a diverse array of transformation projects we’re currently working on, ranging from a large global Biotech firm creating a single Shared Service Employee Center in 27 languages, to a State Municipality automating traffic light timing, to a major defense manufacturer creating “citizen developers” using a custom ServiceNow app to allow their teams to self-code (with guardrails).

Changing Client Needs Demands a New Layer of ServiceNow Consulting

All of these trends are aligning to create a scenario where the ServiceNow platform is no longer being bought product by product. In the first-ever Global ServiceNow Insight and Vision report, Acorio found that 12% of companies have already implemented four or more platform products, from HR and CSM to Field Service Management and Security Operations.

As we have traveled with our clients on this journey outside ITSM, of course, we have had to make thoughtful, fundamental shifts within our own business.

We see it as our responsibility as leaders in the ecosystem to facilitate change in our clients’ business’, helping the world’s biggest brands maintain a healthy and productive work environment and customer relationships.

How do we do it? We start by recognizing that our clients need their ServiceNow partners to bring three things to the table: People, process advisory, and technology.

Consulting with a Difference (and a Vision for the Client)

Over the past six months, we have invested even more in our teams’ advisory training (putting the entire delivery organization through an intensive consultant skills training) and have rolled out Business Process Consultant boot camps to teach the ServiceNow platform to leaders from other world-class consultancies.

But it can’t be all in-house growth – sometimes you need that tectonic shift, which is why we are so excited about our BusinessForward acquisition. It reflects a significant advance in our ability to quickly serve our C-level clients at the level they are demanding today.

Founded in 2006 by John Huckle, BusinessForward has established itself as a leader in Service Management transformations, consulting to IT and HR leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Huckle, CEO of BusinessForward, was recognized by Pittsburgh Magazine in 2016 as one of the city’s 40-under-40.

“BusinessForward brings us vast experience in leading complex, enterprise-wide transformations for leading global organizations. Coupling that expertise with our knowledge of ServiceNow will bring our client base improved outcomes.” – Ellen Daley, CEO Acorio

The company’s success lies in their understanding of the appetite, and the growth of the appetite, for digital transformation within the enterprise. Two members of their team, now joining the Acorio Leadership Team, John Huckle, and Josh Scott, Managing Director of Services at BusinessForward, have been instrumental at driving change for their own clients and have done industry research in HR and IT.

“It’s a tremendous day for BusinessForward and its clients. This is an extension of our joint abilities to serve our clients in a deeper and more tangible way. For Acorio’s client base, BusinessForward’s expertise will help them better align ServiceNow to its broader transformative business technology needs.” – John Huckle, CEO BusinessForward

Our goal has expanded from not only creating a once-in-a-lifetime company but to building a world-class consultancy. That singular (and lofty) goal, is driven by the customers, digital transformation, and of course the technology it all rides on, ServiceNow. This acquisition is just one step in the larger ServiceNow growth story, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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