Acorio Gamifies Employee Engagement on ServiceNow

Acorio likes to have frivolous fun on the job! And what better way for an exclusive ServiceNow partner to have an internal lovefest, than on ServiceNow?


We’ve created a really cool “Flairboard” on the platform. Employees give “shoutouts” to their peers who then receive Flair as a small token of their great work. Flair (a la Office Space) comes in the form of funny, quirky pins employees attach to their stylin’ red suspenders they each receive. Here’s how it works: Employees are notified through the system that a coworker has given them kudos in a shoutout. Then, they receive a virtual flair badge on the Flairboard. Finally, we mail the employee a REAL live piece of Flair in the mail!


Employees collect and show off their Flair. We will be having our first ever “Flair-emony” at the next all-company get together which includes prizes like a red Swingline stapler, an Initech mug and sample TPS reports!

Acorio has a close-knit culture and I love to see it come alive with the Flairboard! Gamifying employee recognition is pretty cutting-edge and makes peer-to-peer recognition easy and lighthearted! And the fact that we have done this all on ServiceNow goes in keeping with our number one obsession! I’m really proud of our team and what we do here everyday to make this a fun and rewarding place to work!

Acorio_Employee Acorio_Pin