Living Our Culture Code: Acorio Honored as Top Women-Led Business

Acorio is so proud to announce that this morning we were honored as a  Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts by The Commonwealth Institute and Boston Globe Magazine for the second year in a row.

This year, the 20th annual edition of the list, in fact, comes at a time when resilient, compassionate, and forward-thinking leaders are even more essential to the wellbeing of a company and its employees. Now that employees have more visibility than ever before into what’s going on in one another’s personal lives and a new feeling of solidarity has fostered empathy and understanding among employees, the recognition of employees as “whole people” is more important than ever.

This recognition is another wonderful demonstration of success predicated on our company’s highest priorities — Diversity & Inclusion. Diversity truly makes us stronger, and Acorio’s stellar growth, reputation, and leadership in the market reinforces that fundamental core value. We are exceedingly proud of Ellen Daley and her Acorio teammates who continue to set a very high standard for all of us. “ – Bob Pryor, CEO, NTT Data Services

For us, this award comes during more than just a global pandemic, but also during a time of company growth as we have been acquired by Global IT Transformation Leader, NTT DATA Services. Our entire company will be moving into one of their most dynamic and pioneering business units, the Chief Digital Office (CDO). It is here that Acorio’s leaders will continue to deliver the same relentless commitment to quality for our employees and our customers.

To create this year’s list, the Commonwealth Institute, a nonprofit that supports female business leaders, examined revenue or operating budget as well as other variables, including the number of full-time employees in the state, workplace and management diversity, and innovative projects.

Recognizing the Need for Inclusive Leadership

The overall number of women in top business roles is low – only 5% of CEOs of major corporations in the US are women – but there are many reasons for optimism. Since 2015 the number of women in senior leadership has grown, particularly in the C-suite where the representation of women has increased from 17% to 21%. Today, 44% of companies have three or more women in their C-suite, up from 29% of companies in 2015.

Acorio was founded on the foundation of being a company that is inclusive for all, our Culture Code starts with Acorio is for Everyone. We set this as the most foundational pillar of our company not just because it’s the right thing to do but because we truly believe it makes us more successful.

We believe when employees feel like they can bring their whole selves to work, good things happen: they are happier with their job, more optimistic about their company’s commitment to gender and racial equality, they’re more comfortable sharing challenges with managers and coworkers, giving us the visibility to make changes that improve our employees’ experiences. It’s a positive cycle: the more employees can bring their whole selves to work, the more the workplace will work for them—and for our clients.

“Acorio’s leadership team clearly demonstrates excellence,” said Eric Clark, Chief Digital Officer, NTT Data Services. “It’s no surprise that Acorio is known as the premier dedicated ServiceNow consultancy. That recognition is a testament to the expertise and dedication of Ellen Daley and her team.”

While having a Leadership Team that is 50% female has had some competitive advantages, it is equally important that all genders on the team are advocates for each other and together our leadership team ensures all voices are respected.

Meet Our Women in Leadership

Below, read what a few of our women leaders have to say on their experience here at Acorio, why they think diversity in leadership is important, and their advice to others in the workplace.

Ellen Daley: Former CEO of Acorio, Senior Vice President of Acorio, an NTT Data Company

I really believe in mirroring your customers, so they see themselves and their rich diversity in the consulting team that serves them. Our leadership team embraces that diversity and we are able to instill it in our teams. That means our clients see a richly diverse team, that does reflect them – a gender, religious, and race tapestry, which is what they and the world actually looks like. We are able to balance our unique strengths and learn from each other when the leadership team is well represented. Plus, it’s also a ton of fun to have a team that balances each other so much in diversity and personality.

I feel so proud of our Leadership Team. I think we were all conscious of the type of company we wanted to build and were able to construct a leadership team that reflects it. I’m proud of the men on the team equally as proud of the woman. I also feel lucky that our culture affords an environment to learn and push each other on what is important. I also feel that I, and all of us on the Leadership Team, feel a need to ‘pay it forward’. We look for opportunities in the company and externally to try to promote diversity and the strength that comes from a team like this.

Juliet Acuff: Vice President of Managed Services

Leadership is different than management. Leadership means your team wants to follow you, instead of feeling like they have to do what you tell them. The secret to Leadership is grace and kindness. It’s not feeling the need to be rude when someone hasn’t knocked it out of the park, but instead seeing the opportunity to offer advice and help people grow so that they can knock it out of the park next time. Here at Acorio we are so lucky (well, maybe it’s not luck so much as a strategy), that every leader is both humble and resilient – making them leaders our employees want to follow.

Christine Dostal: Vice President of Finance

The largest difference working at Acorio, compared to previous companies, is that we have far more females in executive roles here. Often it’s only finance and HR that might be the females, this mix of opinion and different views from the very very top down is refreshing. Having this kind of diversity on a management team brings additional insight from different life experiences. And, as we’ve seen, everything has worked out well.

Meghan Lockwood: Vice President of Strategic Marketing

I never think about ‘being female’, I think about bringing my unique knowledge and expertise every day. A lot of our success has come from constantly improving the business- taking in feedback, adjusting, and changing. Diversity of backgrounds means we have a collective open mind (and that also includes our 50 percent men!) and that no one is exactly the same or sees our business challenges in the exact same way. And that’s how our clients and their businesses think. So, our solutions are vetted through several lenses, as a result, it improves our ability to make business decisions.

Jen Miller: Vice President of People

Being a part of a leadership team that is 50 percent female fills me with a sense of pride. It’s another way that our company is a symbol of what a modern award-winning org looks like. Besides the fact that half of our leadership team is female, I am incredibly proud of the exceptional and supportive relationships between all of our leaders. It has become a part of the fabric of who we are and how we work. I realize we’re lucky because not all companies can say that.

Marci Parker: Vice President of Client Delivery

We’ve created a company that is driven and compassionate and found leaders that embody those values without regard to gender. We have an amazing team where all voices are respected, we are measured on our contributions, and celebrate our achievements together. So, for me, it has meant that gender doesn’t matter – and that is the ultimate compliment to our team!