Acorio Named to the Inc. 5000 List [Watch Video Now!]

Inc 5000 Acorio Video 2018

I am thrilled to announce that Acorio was named to the 2018 Inc. 5000 list, as one of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the US this past Wednesday.

This national award is a testament to the hard work, long hours, and dedication to our customers that every one of our teammates has put in – each, and every day.

In the letter to recipients, the magazine commends the whole team, noting that, “As an Inc. 5000 honoree, Acorio now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Microsoft, GoPro, Patagonia, Oracle, and Box [among others]… that have gone on to be household names.”

That is certainly a humbling list of names to be in the same sentence with, and it makes some of the hours on planes we’ve logged to get to today worth it.

At the same time, I’m very aware how cautious we have been not to push growth for growth’s sake. In fact, we have made a deliberate decision to modulate our growth a bit, and to focus on only growing with quality, and to always strive to be the “best”  — The best employer, the best ServiceNow Consultancy, and the all-around best team out there.

An Elite List of ServiceNow Partners Shares Our Growth.

This announcement also reminds how proud we are to be part of the ServiceNow ecosystem, and what a ride it has been. After ServiceNow was named #1 Most Innovative company by Forbes last month, it’s exciting to see various partners in the ecosystem make the Inc 500 list.

Joining us on the Inc. Magazine list are some powerhouse companies in the ecosystem including:

  • Gold Technology (and Services) Partner Nuvolo (#413)
  • Gold ServicesPartners Acorio #1740 (YAY!) and Cask #4472
  • Plus… Silver Service Partner, Ahead #4648, Bronze Service Partners RoundTower Technology #2507, and Registered Service Partner, Carasoft #4226.

But perhaps the best and most surprising element in the past week (as always happens) is the part that I didn’t expect.

The Part Where 50 People Sent Videos.

To prepare for this announcement, we wanted to put a video together. So, we asked our team to send us 15 – 30 second shots of themselves answering two questions: What makes Acorio special? and why are we were growing so quickly?  (Since we weren’t allowed to share anything about the Inc announcement until the magazine itself was published, we didn’t tell them why.)

You can see the final amazing result above, but I wasn’t so sure how this was going to go over.  Asking a technology and consulting team already running 100 miles per hour to step out of their comfort zone, be on camera, and record a video for the marketing team without knowing why…well, it didn’t seem like it would be a huge success.

We had asked on a Thursday morning, and by about 4pm, just two videos had filtered in, and we started thinking about our video Plan B.

But I had forgotten about the magic of Acorio. 

Twenty-four hours later, we were staring at nearly 50 unique videos, taken from homes, computers, airports and cabs across the country.

What Our People Had to Say.

In each video, team members shared what it feels like to be at a company where everyone has your back, has fun with one another, and where, as Senior Consultant Shaun Brachman shared, “my friends are just a click away, always willing to help out share their knowledge”.

For example, Technical Consultant, Steve Socha, noted, “When I first started at the company, I would always describe it as a family. But since then, we’ve really grown into more of a village. We encourage one another, we work together – really, we also hang out with each other a lot! That really shows in our final products, and in our customer satisfaction.” 

Juliet Acuff, Acorio’s VP of Strategic Initiatives, sees our growth as a function of our commitment to the customer, sharing, “The dedication and the passion of the people here at Acorio to ensure the long-term success of their co-workers and our clients is truly extraordinary. It’s not always the easiest path, and it’s not always the quickest path, but… it is what makes me look forward to my work… and has been the key to our success and growth.”

And, finally, Delivery Manager Kristin Elliot, recalled Sally Field, as she explained our Inc 5000 placement, because… “We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and gosh darn it, our clients actually like us! But, seriously, a big thing for me is that here we live our values every single day. We invest in the individual, we’re nimble to solve problems, we’re fun, we’re humble, we’re honest, and we collaborate with our clients to build something great for them, and for our own future.”

Kristin’s thoughts were repeated again and again. Each and every one of our fifty-odd videos echoed Acorio’s commitment to each team member’s growth, development, and sometimes humor; and expressed a gratitude for being the kind of company who puts their core values first, and manages to still have fun while always pushing each other outside of our comfort zone.

There is only Us.

Believe it or not, growing a company over 260% takes some blood, sweat, and the occasional tear(s). The only way to maintain both high growth and an exceptional bar for quality at the same time is for our team to run hard, and stretch new muscles every day.

To me, these videos reinforced that – at least so far – we are making that difficult dance work. And they turned a marketing project into a lesson in inspiration and a reminder that, as our culture code ensures – At Acorio, there is no “them” – each and every one of us feel a responsibility to own it, try it, create and innovate together.

It’s so encouraging to realize that we are growing our quality and culture quotients as much as we are growing our bottom line – though, of course, we always have a work to do, and areas where we can improve!

So, to my team, and the entire ServiceNow ecosystem, my hat’s off to you today! Congratulations on all the work you do to sincerely transform how work gets done for our customers, and for allowing me this chance to work at a once-in-a-lifetime company.

Acorio Careers Inc 5000


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