Acorio Innovates Around Employee Engagement

From very early on, Acorio has built itself around the values of camaraderie, collaboration, and community. We are committed to building a place where passion, initiative and creativity thrive. To engage employees, and make our organization fertile ground for these traits, we have created an effective and lightweight recipe for keeping our team feeling connected every day. Here are a few ingredients in our “special sauce”.

We Gamify Presence


Half of our team works remotely. No matter where we are around the country, we all have a chance to be “in the office”. We do this using Sococo, a platform where each employee is representedby a virtual game piece (a “coconut”) which moves about virtual conference rooms (game piece and room names are customizable which adds to the fun). Employees launch Sococo every morning and camp out while working or collaborate in rooms with names like “The Hot Tub”, “Shangri La” and “Starbucks”. In the conference rooms, folks can speak in real time, screen share and instant message. Occasionally we will have virtual hack sessions, virtual happy hours and other virtual gatherings in the large conference rooms. We are all “present and available” to the rest of the company everyday!

We Slack for Collaboration

We noticed that some of the iPhone employees were sharing photos and comments on iCloud and it became a tradition. While this helped create bonds between coworkers, the Android phone Slack4users were missing out. Plus our “reply-all” company banter was clogging the inbox. To solve this, we introduced Slack, a desktop and mobile collaboration platform to provide consistent company-wide communication channels.

Slack is where we share documents, photos, and discussions of everything from urgent technical questions, company announcements and policies, to the latest progress in someone’s garden or results of their half-marathon. Slack has allowed us to limit emails to mostly external communications. #Killemail!

Crowd-sourcing with the V-Team

It’s easy for remote employees to lose the feeling of being part of a company when they are away from the decision makers at headquarters. We solved this problem by implementing a bi-monthly V-Team (V stands for virtual, but sounds much cooler) video session where all remote employees collaborate and share ideas. There is usually a primary topic to get the discussion rolling. Recent topics include “How do we up our game for the Knowledge 16 conference?” or “How do we want to make our performance review process more meaningful?” Some sessions are just frivolous fun with topics like “What are you doing for Memorial Day?” or “What’s your current favorite app and why?” The V-Team call allows remote employees to gather virtually so they have a chance to “see” each other, connect, and socialize at a level that they wouldn’t usually experience being a virtual team member at other companies. More importantly this is an opportunity to share their ideas and have a say in what direction they think the company should go.

Our combination of Sococo, Slack and the V-Team call brings our team a feeling of community. Employees feel part of something here and with that comes true engagement that propels dynamic business results and awesome experiences for all.

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