Acorio Inc Best Workplaces 2020 list video

Acorio Named One of Inc.’s Best Workplaces in 2020

I am thrilled to announce Acorio’s most recent accolade – being named one of Inc.’s 2020 Best Workplaces, for the second year in a row.

Inc. is a venerable business publication that sponsors prominent annual lists of top businesses in the United States. Over 3,000 companies vied for the honor this year and we are so proud to be named among the best 395 employers in 2020.

During a time when the notion of the workplace is changing on a near-daily basis, we pride ourselves in scoring in the top percentiles across all of Inc’s research-validated factors that impact employee engagement and satisfaction. With an 86 percent employee survey completion rate, we earned our spot by ranking high on metrics such as trust in senior leadership, career development opportunities, culture, benefits, and employee engagement. 89 percent of Acorio employees feel highly engaged, significantly above this year’s overall competition average of 73.5 percent.

“There is never a shortage of opportunities to contribute to Acorio, even though we are growing quickly, our leadership is receptive to new ideas and gives us avenues to submit those ideas. Plus, we embrace and encourage frequent, constructive feedback between employees. Everyone has a positive, always-willing-to-help attitude. I feel supported by my fellow Acorians and management.” – Acorio Employee, 2020 Inc. Best Workplace Survey Response

Our team of ServiceNow Consultants (and evangelists) are spread throughout the US, Spain, and Australia. But the distance couldn’t stop them from passing along the good news to each other. Check out a few of our employees as they celebrate this year’s Inc. Best Workplace nomination.

As the traditional workplace continues to become antiquated due to social distancing measures, companies who have not built themselves around their people and their teams are beginning to be strained.

But to us, “place” is only part of workplace. What we have created here at Acorio goes beyond that, starting with these four pillars of our employee experience.

1. People First. We place a premium on attracting great talent and then keeping them by giving them autonomy and development opportunities. All we do from developing custom interview scorecards to making sure we hire for just the right fit, to crafting individualized career roadmaps to help our people see a clear path to the next level make us a special organization that is committed to creating “once-in-a-career” employment experiences.

2. A Focus on Quality. We have a motivating mission that inspires quality work.  We call it “Punching above our weight”.  We believe in reaching higher, continuing to build, and doing (even) better every day as a community and team. We have worked to ensure that our customers and our employees equate our brand with excellence which gives us all a sense of pride in working here.

3. Transparency. We have adopted “Radical Candor” as a way in which we run our company.  We have committed to working on challenging each other directly while showing we care personally.  Communicating up, down and across the organization with authenticity is expected. Leadership shares information freely.

4. Strong Culture. Our Culture Code defines a shared set of values that fosters a strong sense of community.  Our code espouses inclusion, collaboration, ideation, and execution (all while being cool to one another).  Best of all -we really practice what we preach.

I want to say thank you to our entire Acorio Family for devoting themselves to the same passion that I have witnessed at this company since the very beginning. We are building this company together, and each and every one of you has made a difference.

Acorio Culture CTA