Acorio Employee Spotlight

Acorio Spotlight: Amy Petkanas on Finding the Best ServiceNow Talent

Here at Acorio, we pride ourselves on the team we’re building and the work that they do. Today we’re excited to share the January installment of the Acorio Spotlight, a monthly blog series where we catch up with different Acorians to learn about the work that they do.

This month’s Acorio Spotlight focuses on Amy Petkanas, a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner who is responsible for finding future Acorians and recruiting them to join our award-winning team. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, we rely on Amy and our recruitment team to expand our team with people who match our vibe and competitive skillset, which is no easy task. We’re excited to give you an inside peek today on our recruiting process and the special recipe Amy’s helped develop to build our experienced company of IT and ServiceNow vets.

Ready to meet Amy? 

The Elevator Pitch: Amy in 30 Seconds

With 8 years of staffing and recruiting experience, Amy is a seasoned HR professional who is passionate about building strong teams and curating a stellar company culture. In her two years at Acorio she has been a part of 46 hires! She works diligently to ensure our team is staffed with the best technical and business consultants in the ecosystem and leads the way on refining our company culture.

When did you first start working for Acorio?

I started working here in December of 2017.  

How did you find Acorio?

Before coming to Acorio, I was working at a company that I felt was lacking strong management and vision. I knew I wanted to be in an in-house recruitment role somewhere, and eventually, a friend connected me with Patrick (our Talent Acquisition Manager) who was looking to hire a temporary recruiter. Even though I wasn’t looking for a temporary role, I liked Patrick and learned from my brother how many opportunities for growth there was in the ServiceNow industry. I got offered the temp job and decided to take it. In February 2018 I became a fulltime member of the Acorio team as a Talent Acquisition Partner.  

What does your typical workday look like?

On any given day I’m working on 3 to 4 open jobs. Depending on the pipeline and the stage that they’re in I’m either doing phone screens, reviewing applications, scheduling candidates and reviewing them with hiring managers or making offers. I also often talk with candidates to get a sense of their position and how they’re feeling and put together compelling offers so they’ll accept.  

When I’m not working on recruiting, I work with hiring managers to start new job searches or create new positions. That involves interviewing hiring managers to understand what they’re looking for, brainstorming what sort of questions they want to ask in interviews, and doing market research to figure out what salaries we should offer. I also work directly with hiring managers to optimize job descriptions and our hiring process. Over the last six months, I’ve worked with our engagement managers and business process consultants to make sure our interview processes are fresh and relevant to who we’re hiring.  

I also work with our marketing team to craft recruitment materials and create collateral about who we are as a company. From a talent perspective, I run various reports for hiring managers and the team to understand what we’re doing well or where we can still improve – that leads to a lot of different projects to explore how we can hire more efficiently, do more with what we have, and grow our team at the rate we need.   

What’s the biggest challenge in recruiting? 

The challenge is getting in touch with the people who don’t already know about us. There’s a lot of green space when it comes to candidates in the market place and even though we have a lot of awards and publicity and a good number of people find us that way, we still don’t have every vehicle to get in front of everyone who is qualified and that could be a great match for our team.  

Acorio does a great job in training and enabling people who are fantastic but may not know the ServiceNow platform or our specific method of consulting, so the biggest challenge is getting in touch with them so that they know they actually could be qualified for a position here. Once candidates know about our company our award-winning company culture, leadership team, and benefits tend to handle the rest.  

What’s the most impactful or memorable thing someone has said to you during an interview?

Anytime I can recognize in someone the traits and skills that fit well here, and I think I’d really want to work with this person, it’s the best feeling when I then see them later on in an onboarding class. It’s the gut feeling and then seeing the person get to join the team, come into HQ for training, and seeing them jump into the role. That is just awesome.  

I like a lot of people but there are always ones that stand out after I talk with them for the first time. I’ll always remember my first hire, Douglas Manger, the Sales Manager for our Midwest region. I could tell he was going to be a valuable addition to the team from our first conversation. He had all of the characteristics that no one can explain but everyone loves about working at Acorio: so gracious and enjoyable to speak with. I was still super new to the company but something about him spoke to me and to what I knew about Acorio at the time.  

What is something that would surprise people about the recruiting process?

What surprised me was how efficient the process can be. Before I got here, I thought hiring looked like a committee in a room discussing the pros and cons of different candidates, but here at Acorio, we know what we’re looking for and how to quickly identify those people from our candidate pool. We have great consultants and they are adept at reading people in interviews and knowing what to look for in candidates. We’re very efficient at accessing candidates to know whether or not they’ll be a good fit here, which is why Acorio hires more quickly than other places.  

What professional achievement are you most proud of?

It makes me proud to see candidates that I hired do well internally and grow at the company. I take pride in knowing and hearing from them that they’re at the right place and we’re doing the right things. It’s those comments that make me know our recruitment team is doing a good job of making sure when we hire someone it’s because they’re the right fit, not just someone to fill a seat. For example, when I see a business analyst that we hire later get promoted to a business process consultant, it makes me proud to know that I served in helping that individual’s professional growth and helped Acorio in getting the best employees possible.  

What’s your favorite thing about Acorio’s culture? What’s one thing you would like to add to Acorio?

Our culture in comparison to many other companies (especially those which consistently make top places to work lists) isn’t defined by the catered food or ping pong tables, it’s really and truly defined by how we think, act, and treat our team and clients. Transparency, from the top-down, is a big priority at Acorio. We do everything we can to own that and give clear communication to everyone on our team. Our culture is more defined by who we are then the programs we provide, but our programs are how we share those things and engage our employees to live according to the things that make us proud to be Acorio. 

For what I’d like to add to Acorio, I’d like to add more people to the team! We’re an organization that has so much potential with the people we have here in terms of work and experience. I think we could have even more people to bring more of what we’re doing to our customers. That said, I love that we’re still a size that we know everyone by name.  

What’s your go-to interview question?

I give people very open-ended questions at the beginning of the interview, and those usually end up directing the rest of the call.  For example, “Who are you and why did you apply to Acorio?” if answered successfully will naturally drive an interview. The people who know who we are and the kind of team that we usually have a very easy time answering that question because they can succinctly articulate why they’re a match for our unique team. 

What advice do you have for people job searching in the SN consulting ecosystem?

The basics of job searching are where I see a miss most often. The SN ecosystem is no different than any other industry, the way you present yourself is no different. But at Acorio we do have a higher bar. My biggest advice is to do your homework on the company you’re interviewing with: know what their industry looks like, make sure your resume speaks to the role(s) you’re applying to, read directions in emails, and most importantly, come prepared. Make sure that you show your best self in the interview process.  

An interview is a time for the company to get an idea of what your working self is like, so treat it as a job. That means taking time to ensure you have stable wifi or service before your call with recruiters, don’t be in a loud or crowded space while you’re on a phone interview; in short, don’t do anything on an interview that you wouldn’t do during your actual job. This shows your potential employer that you’re the type of person who brings their A-game to work each and every day. Also, try to get a good understanding of what the company culture is like and what sort of people they’re looking for, then, if you think you’re a good fit, show them how and why you see the connection between their culture and yourself. 

Acorio Spotlight is an ongoing series that highlights A-team members across platform areas who are doing extraordinary ServiceNow work. Stay tuned for our next piece to see which employee we’ll be covering next!