Acorio’s Virtual Assistance Program (AVA) for ServiceNow

Are You Fully Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is officially live for your team. The scope and initial deployment is done – your company is excited … Now what?

Whether you need experts to support your over-burdened Admin team, or a kick-start to enhance your company’s instance, Acorio’s Virtual Assistance Program (AVA) can help you continue your business momentum and ensure your team has all the ServiceNow support you need to achieve your goals.

Find Support That's Right For You

AVA is a new kind of ServiceNow admin support & assistance program. We marry business and technical experts with flexible program options to guarantee your implementations have the support you need - and your administration team gets all the enhancements they want.
Maximize the power of ServiceNow
Our virtual admin team understands the deeper business needs necessary to go beyond technical changes, and develop agile, innovative solutions to shepherd your ServiceNow roadmap and save money in the short- and long-term.
Get a dedicated expert
We partner with you and learn your business and ServiceNow environment, plus quarterback a broad team of business process consultants, architects, and technical support. Our exclusive focus on ServiceNow guarantees the domain expertise you need to make your project a success.
Work with the best
Our lead consultants average 14+ years’ experience in IT, and at least 5 years’ in ServiceNow. We are a Top 5 Global Partner for ServiceNow certifications, and consistently rank in the top of the ServiceNow ecosystem for customer satisfaction.

Unleash ServiceNow’s Power with AVA Experts

AVA offers flexibility in how you use your time. Our innovative, experienced virtual administration consultants can assist on either a single long-term program or a host of initiatives – both tactical and more strategic – to help your ServiceNow performance grow and build value over time.

With 150+ clients and over 400+ major ServiceNow integrations under our belt, AVA experts offer expertise on a host of potential programs. Here are some examples of recent Virtual Assistance engagements.

  • Long-Term ServiceNow Support. Ensure continuous monthly expertise to ensure momentum in your ServiceNow implementation and ongoing administration.
  • Strategic ServiceNow Roadmaps. Let Acorio experts look into your deeper business challenges with a strategic business mapping and technical needs analysis.
  • Specialized ServiceNow Projects. Do you have a new implementation request, for example, you want to move forward with the Helsinki upgrade, or your HR department wants to integrate payroll into your existing instance? We can help shepherd your project through initial scoping, to implementation, training and ongoing support.
  • Executive Training. Sometimes adoption comes down to the aptitude of your users. We offer training at every level of your organization to ensure your users are armed with the knowledge they need to make the best of your instance.
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