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Acorio’s 5 ServiceNow Resolutions to Maximize 2019

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Do you already have your New Years’ Resolutions set for 2019? If you are like most people, the turn of the year is a time to reassess where you are, and possibly make some changes – to improve your life, health, or maybe even your job.

If you’ve decided it’s time to start tearing down the roadblocks you come across in your everyday tasks, and give way to better services, business productivity and the often-elusive competitive edge, where are here to help! But… how do you ground this yearly recrudesce of self-improvement into true, actionable, self-innovation?

Innovation, as a buzzword, often means something that is disruptive, big-bang changes in the way that people work – through new products, services, and processes. But what if innovation doesn’t have to be disruptive? When it comes to your yearly resolutions, you should be aiming to create triable and measurable steps. So, is there an alternative to this large-risk, high-failure innovation?

Continuous innovation. The process of small incremental improvements, instead of quantum leaps, means the changes are small and, by nature, easier for you to digest and accomplish.

Applying Continuous Innovation: Breaking One Bad Habit at a Time

What better place to start your own yearly re-creation than with your ServiceNow habits?

We suggest that for one day, while you’re working, document how you do your work. The actual jobs that you do and processes you follow. Then, the next day, before you begin to work, read over your notes from the day before and see if anything stands out to you. When you are caught up in the moment it seems nearly impossible to make any changes to what you are doing.

But we’re here to tell you that you can make changes and that working in small continuous innovations throughout your day will improve not only your ServiceNow expertise but also your daily productivity.

Having trouble spotting where you might be able to improve? Check out our list of five common ServiceNow bad habits and how to get out of the rut.

Habit Number One: Script Includes

Starting small for our first ServiceNow habit to break in 2019: use more script includes.

Each script include is an opportunity to store JavaScript that runs on the server… in one place. So rather than using global business rules, or heaven forbid, writing the code in multiple places, consider using script includes defining an object class or function.

Script includes are only loaded on request and, if it ever needs to be edited, you only have to do it in one place, instead of manually hunting for multiple code entries.

To create an entirely new script include, you can follow the format of any of the existing script includes.

Here’s an example: The name of your Script Include is ‘NewInclude’ and there is a single function called ‘myFunction.’ It is important that the name of the script include match the name of the class, prototype, and type. When you create a new script include and give it a name, the system provides you a code snippet with the class and prototype set up properly.

var NewInclude =Class.create();


initialize :function(){},

myFunction :function(){//Put function code here},

type :’NewInclude’};

You could then use the ‘myFunction’ line like this:

var foo =new NewInclude();


Habit Number Two: Over Customization

Over customization is a technology trap that many ServiceNow customers find themselves in – from changing and amending source code on their solutions, to adding features or functions that aren’t included in the out-of-the-box (OOB) software.

But… just because you can create a custom ServiceNow code doesn’t mean you should.  Just like with any “power tool,” you can do incredibly efficient work – but you can also do lasting damage. Every OOB change that you make means one more thing that you will be in charge of maintaining and testing with every new release of ServiceNow.

Repeatedly, we see organizations at every stage of their ServiceNow journey choose to over-customize their instances. It’s no wonder that ServiceNow’s CEO, John Donahoe, made a point to urge customers to avoid customization during his keynote address on day one of Knowledge ’18.  (Click here to view).

Why are so many customers continuing to make the customization mistake? Sometimes it’s because they are unaware of the platforms’ native functionality, sometimes it’s because they’re not sure how to change their processes, and sometimes they aren’t sure what’s coming next on ServiceNow’s product roadmap.

Break this customization habit by doing your ServiceNow research and talking to an expert implementation partner to see what might happen if you wait 6 months for the next product release, for example.

Habit Number Three: Un-Editable Sys ID’s

In 2019 – let’s just try to make all your ServiceNow maintenance easier. From script includes to OOB functionality, ServiceNow is in fact designed to require very little maintenance.

So why are you still hardcoding your Sys ID’s into your scripts?

Let’s try putting them into system properties instead, to make them directly editable.

Habit Number Four: Mundane Repetition

Start using ServiceNow to your advantage, by having the platform perform the work that doesn’t make sense for your employees to be doing.

Self-service can take many forms, from Knowledge Base (KB) articles to automated solutions, chatbots and digital forums, the concept of self-service serves to reduce individual workloads and re-prioritize high priority tasks.

Habit Number Five: Closed Group Innovation

Your ServiceNow instance is not confined to one person, one source, or even one department. So why should your work be?

When you operate in a silo, detached from other influences there is a high risk of misaligning the technical from the business. Diversity on your projects, whether it is from experience levels or business departments will keep you from delivering the wrong things.

And there you have it. You now have five new ServiceNow resolutions to make your work-life that much easier in the new year. Happy coding!

And, in case that wasn’t enough for you, check out this ServiceNow Tips and Tricks eBook.

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