A Look at Acorio’s Recent #SilverLining Moments

Amid all the chaos, uncertainty, pain, and loss that the world is experiencing right now, one thing keeps shining through. It is our ability as friends, neighbors, cities, and sometimes even as strangers, to come together and support each other. There are videos of group workouts from balconies, musicians playing to the streets below, driveby birthday parades, community shopping and deliveries… the list goes on and on.

Last Monday, Dan Lyons, our wonderful Director of Technical Consultants, brought his own brand of support to our Acorio Random Slack channel. Heput forth his personal goal during this unpredictable time – to see the Silver Lining – and challenged us as a team to do that same;

Like many of us, I spent the weekend stocking up on groceries and supplies, within reason (no stockpiling of TP). Hoping for the best but also being prepared with the basics, and committing to make some decisions around how we consume, spend, eat, and play in order to protect ourselves and flatten the curve. I’m as anxious as the next person, seeing the news and thinking about my family, friends, and colleagues.

However, I’ve also committed personally to looking for the “silver lining” among the cloud of uncertainty and stress ahead of us. Lessons learned, acts of kindness we see, new ways of thinking about problems, a new from-scratch recipe, or just time with loved ones…those are silver linings. My recent silver lining was staying in and cooking a meal with my parents, wife, and kids and then playing Pictionary for a few hilarious hours. I never knew my grandparents, so the simple joy of just watching my parents and kids share a meal together, and more than a few laughs…it was just wonderful.

If it’s ok with peeps, I’d like to continue sharing my own silver linings as we navigate through the clouds ahead. That’s just my way of sharing some positivity with other life-long-learners here at Acorio. Feel free to share your silver lining as well! #silverlining

The post instantly rose to the top of the charts, receiving a whole variety of slack emoji hearts, a few dancing parrots reactions, and even a sun rising above the clouds emoji.

And not long after that, people started sharing their own #SilverLinings. As we continue to navigate through today’s tumultuous climate together, we thought we would share a few to make you smile and think about your own day-to-day #SilverLinings.

Kathy and her husband aren’t the only ones who is diving into home renovation projects. A few of our team members have started raised garden beds, cleaned out closets, torn down walls, and even built a new shed. While we don’t recommend running power tools while your partner is on a Zoom call, we are here for all of the improvements.

Dale’s “ducklings” a.k.a. her children, are leading the revolution in the ways that business communication technologies can be used for social connection during a time of social distancing. I’ve heard a few stories about virtual book groups (complete with wine, of course), campfire sing-alongs, and teaching grandparents how to use the computer’s camera.

And of course, Dan was back with even more #SilverLining posts. This one was about his family’s version of Chopped where he actually turned out a delicious looking mushroom and bacon pizza. For those looking for inspiration – he added mozzarella, caramelized onions, and roasted garlic.

And as our last final message, although not technically a #SilverLining, on Nationally Puppy Day we held an open V-Team Zoom call for folks and their furry friends to get together and hang out for a bit. How could this not brighten your day?

Have questions about Acorio’s COVID-19 response? Read our plan here

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