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Assess Where You Stand Today: ServiceNow Advisory Workbook

That’s why we’re simplifying your ServiceNow journey with the gift of a new ServiceNow Advisory Workbook. Acorio is home to an all-star team of ServiceNow experts who are here to dig in deep, listen, and provide you with the best Advisory Services out there.

And we think you should have the tools to become your own ServiceNow advisor. So today we’re walking through our Advisory Workbook to help you evaluate where you stand in your ServiceNow roadmap and see how you can transform in the coming months.

Here are some hints on how to get the most out of your new Advisory Workbook:

  • Save it locally on your computer to track your progress as you work through each section.
  • If you prefer something to hold onto, you can print the PDF and fill it out the old-fashioned way.
  • Snag yourself Acorio’s ServiceNow Roadmap Guide and Template here.
  • Learn how to future-proof your ServiceNow strategy with Acorio’s experts here.

Below is an excerpt from the workbook.

Assess Where You Stand Today: Step Two, Address Organization Change Management Alongside the Technical Implementation

Often overlooked is the “people” and the “process” side of your ServiceNow implementation. Until now. While implementing ServiceNow is a “technical change,” it’s also a change in the way your employees work or how your customers interact with your business. Making sure everyone is on the same page – every step of the way – is instrumental for your success with the platform.

That’s when having a clear strategy for Organization Change Management comes in hand. Organizational Change Management (or OCM) is the people side of change management. It is a framework for managing the effect of new business processes, technological processes and changes in your organizational structure or even cultural changes within an enterprise. OCM and OCM strategies set expectations and provide the tools needed to learn new behaviors.

Many companies today are looking to become more agile and have workforces that easily adapt to changing business needs. Executing OCM well and providing a great change experience empowers your workforce to embrace and drive future changes. They come to view change as a positive experience.

Here are some strategies you can execute to make sure everyone is confident and feels as though they have equal ownership in the changes

  • Have your marketing and communications teams create a buzz about ServiceNow with consistent communication and advertising of ServiceNow and the value it will bring
  • Host lunch & learns for fulfillers to get used to the system before a formal training
  • Create an all-hands webinar for the departments affected by the change and allow your executive sponsor to share the vision and roadmap

Watch to review a sample communication plan? By downloading this workbook, you’re well on your way to becoming a ServiceNow expert and building out your own ServiceNow roadmap.

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