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Welcome to Day 3 of Christmas in July.

Rounding out the end of the week, we wanted to do something big. No, you’re not getting three French hens.

Before you hit the beach this weekend, we are sharing a bundle with some of our very best ITOM resources! So, keep reading for a few of our favorite eBooks, webinars, and case studies giving insight on all things ITOM.

1. ITOM Foundations eBook

The root of ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) is the CMDB (Configuration Management Database), the foundation of the ServiceNow platform. As the underlying database powering everything from Asset Discovery to Agent Intelligence, you can think about the CMDB as the foundation of ServiceNow’s power – or at least one of the foundational elements.

Despite the importance of a healthy CMDB, we see so many ServiceNow customers have a CMDB that is plagued by issues that prevent it from providing the desired organizational value. In fact, Forbes magazine assets that an astonishing 85% of CMDB projects fail. At Acorio, we decided we needed to even those odds. Our IT Operations Management practice has spent decades focused on CMDB success, and creating baseline success metrics to ensure that all customers can maximize their CMDB to power change.

With this ITOM eBook, you’ll learn the “Three C’s” central to powering successful CMDB programs: Completeness, Correctness, and Compliance.

2. CMDB In Your Enterprise eBook

An extension of our ITOM Foundations eBook, this CMDB eBook will walk you through visualizing your ServiceNow CMDB while keeping a value sense perspective in mind, defining an implementation strategy and process, and ensuring the long-term health of your database.

Anyone who cares to know what makes a ServiceNow implementation successful will quickly realize that the CMDB is the glue holding everything together. The data within the CMDB is applied to nearly every area of the ServiceNow platform. This is why, since ServiceNow’s Aspen release, CMDB has always been the bedrock of ServiceNow, and will continue in this role even as ServiceNow expands its product to add new features and functionality.

Are you ready to strengthen your CMDB? Download our CMDB eBook to make sure you get CMDB right…the first time.

3. CMDB for the Enterprise Mind Webinar

Acorio’s ITOM Practice Lead, Terrell Pursley, and Consultant, Ryan Gillespie, give the rundown on how to achieve objectives for different audiences of the CMDB, through ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box products. Find out:

  • Why CMDB should be your ServiceNow foundation
  • The roadmap to success
  • Conventional and specialized uses, including services and dashboards
  • Real-world examples of companies transforming today

4. Bloomin’ Brands Case Study

Bloomin’ Brands (BBI) had a mature ServiceNow platform and a company-wide initiative to increase their maturity in managing their Business Services. Their major focus was to track critical services in their ITOM universe and mitigate costly outages.

After heavy investments to align IT infrastructure, BBI expanded its project to maintain those mappings and provide rapid insight into service restoration projects. The project further looked to address BBI’s many custom configurations and to map cloud-hosted systems in their environment.

What were the results? Read the full case study to learn what came of Acorio and BBI working together.

There is always more…

It’s only week one of our Christmas in July, so stay tuned for more great gifts coming your way next week. Plus, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out Day One and Day Two. Spoiler alert: On Day Two we give away a brand new RFP template to help you make the best ServiceNow decision for your company.