Join Our Annual Digital Transformation and ServiceNow Survey

I am honored to be the first one to tell you that our third annual Insight and Vision Survey is open.

If you’re a returning viewer and that’s all it takes to get you to jump straight to the survey, you can do so here. Unfamiliar with Acorio’s Insight and Vision research? Let me break it down for you…

In 2017 we started a research division with a simple premise: The ServiceNow community was hungry for data on technology challenges, industry KPIs, and other trends going on in the marketplace. Our first Report was published in 2018 and since then we have held three surveys, published five reports, and spoken about the data at both in-person and online events.

Most of us are amid the most unpredictable annual planning cycle we’ve seen in our careers, which makes reliable research on what our peers are thinking and struggling with all the more important.

What sets Insight and Vision apart from other Digital Transformation surveys or ServiceNow research?

We do research that’s relevant for your business today and tomorrow, a micro-to-macro methodology that examines the micro technology trends from your peers to better understand the broader macro forces affecting business strategy, ServiceNow Platform governance, and technology transformation success.

Today, our Insight and Vision mission is to be the go-to resource to arm technology leaders in all industries with facts and insights from their peers.

Why should I participate this year?

2020 was a year no one could have predicted, and we’re betting you have some stories to share. Our 5-minute survey dives into what you think about ServiceNow and Service Management strategies – your successes, your major pain points, and what ServiceNow will look like for you in the year 2021.

This survey and all of your answers will become the basis for our Third Annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report.

As we did last year, we will give you a sneak peek of the results with our ServiceNow Insight and Vision Executive Summary. Then, all of the research will be rolled up into our complete 2021 Insight and Vision Report, providing industry benchmarks on the tactics, challenges, priorities, KPIs, and budgets shared by ServiceNow platform owners and executives across the globe.

Of course, we always like to do something a little extra for our survey takers as well. Given the year that we have had, we decided we wanted to use this opportunity to come together and give back. So for the first 200 people who take 5 minutes to share their ServiceNow story, we will automatically be donating 5 dollars to the World Food Program. Plus, one lucky winner will be drawn to win a year-long subscription to MasterClass.

Click here to take the survey