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It’s winter, we get it. You probably want to call in sick, curl up on your couch under layers of blankets with a good book or watch your favorite movie. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. But, for those of you who are sticking it out and trekking to work in the cold, we have quite the treat!

Launched one month ago, our ServiceNow Service Portal eBook is a visual vacation into the beautiful world of UX design. Join us as we travel through four examples from actual Acorio clients so you can see how their UX design processes helped to achieve their business goals.

But first, what exactly is a Service Portal? Well, it’s essentially a portal where admins can deliver applications to employees, and a streamlined location for companies to have so that their clients can easily submit any requests, needs, and issues.

Having a well-designed Service Portal is imperative if you want users to adopt your new platform straight away. Each Portal is different, as there’s a different audience (employee, customer, etc.) and goal in mind for everyone. Most importantly, it has to be easy to use, understandable, and encourage users. All you need to do is combine your business goals with some UX principles, and you’ve got yourself a Service Portal.

All right, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s jump right into an excerpt from our Portal eBook (or download the full version here).

National Bank: Incorporating Service Portal into GBS Strategy

This company is the American subsidiary of a Global Multinational Bank. The largest bank in the United States by total assets as a result of multiple mergers and acquisitions, the U.S. team operates primarily in 15 East Coast states.

With over 1,000 geographic locations and over 26,000 employees, this bank wanted to design a CSM Portal as part of their Global Business Services (GBS) initiatives. The main goals were to design and implement a simple and easy to navigate Portal, as quickly as possible. Their Service Portal strategy also included a secondary, but significant, desire to roll out more comprehensive Asset Management and to align the Asset Management best practices with the Portal by creating a module to display asset ownership. (And save some serious money)

As a result of this Portal rollout, the Bank saw an unprecedented reduction in calls to their Service Desk, in favor of self-service Portal requests and actions. Data analysis also showed improved adherence to team SLA’s (and, we presume, overall happier employees!)


Suffolk University: ServiceNow Partner Catalyst Solution for Higher Ed

With over 15,000 students, Suffolk University, a Doctoral Research University in Boston, needed to simplify their Student Financial Services, Bursar, and Registrar’s Offices into one convenient system.

Previously at Suffolk, the Student Financial Services, Bursar and Registrar’s Offices functioned as three separate areas, all of which provided customer service to students and their families.

While collaboration behind the scenes did occur, students were often required to deal with each office individually to resolve an issue. In many cases, enrollment, student billing, and financial aid were interdependent.

Suffolk decided to consolidate these three siloed customer service desks to a single “One-Stop Customer Service” center, the Ram Registration & Financial Center, built with ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management.

Suffolk’s One Stops ServiceNow Requirements:

  • Maintain, track, and analyze customer service inquiries
  • Share information, keep history, and track follow up action on a customer
  • Triage more complicated issues to appropriate specialists until issue is resolved
  • Retain the history of the customer service interaction for all staff to access in the future
  • Ability to use reporting functions within Service Now to track metrics surrounding the delivery of customer service
  • Serve a wide population of customers – undergraduate, graduate, and law students
  • Begin service prior to student enrollmentsuffolk service portal ebook

By leveraging ServiceNow’s CSM solution, Suffolk created a more streamlined customer service leaving students with increased overall customer satisfaction. As a result of combined customer service approach, it is also expected the offices involved will gain efficiencies in the delivery of customer service.

Because this particular portal is geared towards students, it features easily-accessible mobile views with icons and customizable alerts for upcoming student events. Suffolk wanted to focus on brand recognition, retaining students with a stellar experience, staying connected with students and parents, and lowering costs through intelligent automation.

Don’t Stop Here

If you want to read about our other clients and see Portal layouts, mobile views, and more, make sure you download the complete eBook!