Global Asset Management Firm Invests in Employee Experience with ServiceNow HRSD

With roots in the United States’ East Coast, this global investment management firm has grown into one of the world’s largest asset managers with over $5 trillion in assets. Boasting offices in over 30 countries and clients in more than 100, the organization empowers their clients through continuous innovation and time-tested investment practices.

Developing their human capital and cultivating environmental consciousness has always been top-of-mind for the firm. As such, the political and social movements that took center stage in 2020 only upped the stakes for the organization – they have a keen understanding that the companies who will emerge as leaders in the Financial Services industry will be those who commit to actively creating a more sustainable, equitable future.

To successfully deliver on these goals and ensure future resiliency, the firm needed an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform to elevate their employee and customer experience and establish a solid foundation to mitigate disruption in the emerging business climate.

Supporting Employees from the Ground Up

When thinking about redefining their employee experience, one of the firm’s biggest roadblocks was limited visibility into the inquiries their HR team received and what their resulting workload was. Leadership knew they needed to rethink how their employees worked to simplify their lives and empower them to do their best.

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The company’s HR department as a whole worked predominantly through email, while HR agents and Talent Development teams used an existing platform to manage inquiries from other channels. Although this approach was a good start, the existing platform had limited case management functionality and reporting capabilities and could not integrate with their HR agents’ telephony system.

Streamlining HR to Provide Seamless Service

This lack of a central HR platform resulted in silos, limited visibility, and process inefficiencies. Implementing a solution that could serve as their enterprise backbone would allow them to capture meaningful metrics, reduce time to resolution, encourage self-service, and lay the foundation for future growth.

The asset management firm knew they needed to completely redefine the functionality of their current HR instance in order to make their organization more resilient in the face of an uncertain future. Doing so would simplify life for their employees and HR agents alike, making them more efficient and empowered through better tracking and processes to work and solve cases.

As stated by their Project Delivery Manager at Acorio, the firm “aimed to have a strong organizational design and a good grasp on which teams are using what technology in addition to their overall operating rhythm.” They set out to establish an HR Center of Excellence (CoE), and after evaluating several other tools, found that ServiceNow was not only the best fit functionality-wise but would also integrate seamlessly with its existing technology stack.

ServiceNow & Acorio: Finding True Partnership

In ServiceNow, the asset management firm found the enhanced case and knowledge management functionality that they craved. All that was left was finding a partner who could help them implement the platform in a way that would best serve their needs for years to come. Luckily, the firm was introduced to Acorio at ServiceNow’s annual Knowledge event and was impressed with our consultative approach and ability to quickly adapt to their needs.

It was clear to Acorio that the project would not be a simple re-platforming exercise – there was a real appetite for change within the firm. The company wanted to cultivate a stellar employee experience and support and enable their employees throughout every step of their journey. Acorio was with them throughout their journey, staying nimble and adjusting project deliverables as the company’s needs shifted.

Above all, the company did not want changes made to their HR environment to be too jarring. They had originally planned for one project go-live but realized that splitting their HR organization into smaller subgroups that would then be brought into the platform in separate go-lives would mitigate unnecessary disruption and increase user adoption.

Building a Sustainable HR Solution

With the help of Acorio, the company completed an ServiceNow HR Knowledge and Case Management implementation that:

  • Established a unified system of work for HR their teams
  • Improved the efficiency of their HR teams by establishing a central knowledge base and integrating with the existing telephony system
  • Provides greater clarity into case volume and workload for their HR teams
  • Laid the foundation for future HR capabilities through platform expansion
  • Drives self-service and in turn reduces Tier 1 requests

As stated, Acorio rescoped the effort after the project began and rolled out to different employee subgroups in a multi-phased approach.

Empowered with Visibility

No longer replying on email to route and service HR requests, the asset management firm now has complete visibility into a system where requests are automated and tracked. Their new instance affords them a better understanding of the types of requests that come through most often and how long it takes to resolve them.

Acorio also created a Knowledge base for the firm’s HR agents and employees, which the company is beginning to populate with existing knowledge from disparate systems. Having no single source of truth for knowledge articles previously, the firm now has a central hub where employees can self-serve.

2021 Roadmap: Looking Ahead

Continuing their journey, the firm is working with Acorio to cultivate a better understanding of how best to leverage ServiceNow to work in synch with their existing technology stack.

With their employees familiarized with ServiceNow, they can now expand the platform both within their HR department and across the enterprise. Over time, the asset management firm is eager to roll out additional ServiceNow functionality, including chat and web inquiry forms.