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Embed Efficiency and Security into Your IT Asset Strategy

Protecting your enterprise from threat vectors, and ensuring competitive advantages in a changing world requires a deep understanding of your infrastructure and, increasingly, where it is deployed.  Leaders from across the business – from the CISO to the CHRO and CFO – can no longer be constituents of IT Asset Management, they need to be informed driver for initiatives.

Acorio’s ITAM Practice enables our clients to achieve visibility and control of the enterprise from a physical, financial, and contractual perspective to optimize IT investments, promote agility, and mitigate risks.

By 2022, 50% of ITAM initiatives will be primarily driven by information security needs and concerns.

Ryan Stefani Gartner

Featured Asset Insights

Tackling SaaS Sprawl and Visibility

In the past, software deployment could be controlled by IT because it had the specialized knowledge and skill to implement and maintain the applications for the business. SaaS changes that dynamic, particularly as application providers simplify administration and even customization through no-and low-code interfaces.

Today's business challenges mean it's more challenging to rationalize applications, get a clear picture of usage, and implement fiscal control over software spend. Acorio's experienced Hardware and Software Asset team can show you how ServiceNow can change that.

Software Asset Management for Subscriptions

Access entitlement and usage data directly from the administration portal of your SaaS application and provide insight that allows proper decision making to manage subscriptions leverage by your user base.

Contract Management

Link terms and conditions to the entitlements granted by the contract and proactively prompt decisions based on key dates such as renewals.

Software Spend Detection

Identify software purchases company-wide by examining the financial transactions (such as purchase orders or AP ledgers) and analyzing software spend happening outside of IT for a more complete picture of tech investments.

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