ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Acorio’s Unparalleled IT Asset Excellence

Asset Management automates all of your IT asset lifecycles with workflows.

Collectively offering hundreds of years of in field experience, Acorio’s Hardware and Software Asset Management practice ensures you have the visibility and processes you need. This includes industry-leading experience in mitigating risk with a proven change management strategy. Automate your entire asset lifecycle to enforce asset policies and regulatory requirements, reduce asset costs, minimize wasted resources and eliminate repetitive tasks–all the while saving your organization millions annually.

Take Control of Your IT Hardware Assets With Visibility on a Single Platform

Single Source of Truth
Make informed asset capacity, refresh, and vendor decisions using accurate asset portfolio data consolidated within a single system of action. Access asset business and configuration information by linking the asset repository with the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database.
Asset Governance Control
Control asset distribution by centralizing requests through a role‑based service catalog. Enforce policies, contracts, and regulatory requirements of new requests by using workflow to validate the request and obtain approvals. Confirm that all compliance requirements are met with periodic testing.
Asset Audit Management
Simplify audit preparation and notify contract owners of renewal and expiration dates to prevent lapses in coverage. Strengthen change management risk calculations by including business information about assets, such as age or lease expiration date.
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Service Catalog
Place asset offerings directly into the service catalog without building complex webpages. Bring in asset data directly from vendors. Determine standard offerings for authorized users or groups within a service catalog. Internal and recurring pricing supports different chargeback models.
Contract Management
Assign contracts to team members and leverage the ServiceNow workflow engine to automate the contract approval and renewal process. Track contract terms and conditions as well as payment information, and make them easily searchable with document version control and electronic document storage.
Reports and Dashboards
Get real‑time transparency into operations with configurable, role‑based dashboards. Built‑in metrics and surveys measure service levels and drive continual service improvement. Identify service improvement and training opportunities. Dig even deeper with time‑based trends from ServiceNow Performance Analytics.
ServiceNow New York

ServiceNow New York Product Spotlight: IT Asset Management

Discover all of the top IT Asset Management changes to the ServiceNow platform with the New York release.

Spanning both hardware and software, New York’s IT Asset Management improvements are aligned with ServiceNow’s mission to provide you with improved efficiency and increased visibility into your entire Asset cycle.

Discover Asset Management in ServiceNow New York

Slash Software Spend by Optimizing Usage with Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management works with ServiceNow® Discovery to enable you to create an accurate, up to date, single system of record for IT infrastructure, both on premises and in public clouds.It identifies IP‑enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database.
SaaS License Management
Get visibility into SaaS subscriptions owned versus consumed with Software Spend Detection and use machine learning to identify and categorize SaaS purchases. Reveal Overlapping Services through categorization to reduce in‑use apps with similar functionality and get data to rationalize purchases.
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Publisher Packs
Software Asset Management provides access to an extensive Content Library containing thousands of software publishers, including complex server side licensing for top publishers such as SAP, Microsoft (including Office365), Oracle, IBM, VMware, Citrix and Adobe (including Adobe Creative Cloud).
License Workbench
View publisher positions from a single pane where you can drill down to prioritize areas that have large savings opportunity or require immediate compliance attention.
Remediation Options
Life at work is better when experiences are intuitive and workflows across departments are automated. Client Software Distribution facilitates self‑service software and automatic license reclamation for the SAM use case. You can also reclamate by last used date with SCCM already in your environment.
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Lifecycle Content
Software lifecycle dates such as general availability, end of life, and end of service life are provided out of the box. Get valuable data points about the software in your application stack for IT planning.

The Software Asset Management Landscape Has Changed: What You Need to Know

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