Governance Risk and Compliance

How to Avoid Costly Business Mistakes Using ServiceNow’s GRC Solution

ServiceNow GRC

How can a modern enterprise mitigate risk, ensure compliance with industry and government regulations, and streamline siloed processes all in one go?

ServiceNow may be the answer you’re looking for. As covered by ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Use Case Guide, the solution suite “identifies business risks through continuous monitoring and risk events, which then roll up to the enterprise.”

“Designed for cloud scale, the Now Platform consolidates data from across the enterprise and from third parties using open APIs so you can share data and automate cross-functional workflows.”

According to NC State PCM, “68% of organizations have had significant business disruption due to a risk event.” The GRC platform can perform a range of activities that will protect your business from unforeseen issues. It can collect evidence, assign tasks, and streamline audits. As federal, state, and industry regulations are constantly in flux, companies need to be ever more diligent to mitigate risk and maintain compliance. But how can you streamline siloed processes and put preventative measures in place rather than put out fires after they start? The NOW solution suite allows you to track, prevent, and store evidence regarding risks so you can protect your business.

Explore the GRC Suite and discover how you can:

  • Monitor for critical vulnerabilities and understand the business impact
  • Identify and address misconfigurations before they become business risks
  • Ensure your compliance program effectively supports your business services
  • Monitor HR policy requirements and identify onboarding risks
  • Ensure privacy standards are met

Data privacy and protection are sure to become an even bigger issue as we move into the new decade. Part of reducing risk for the modern enterprise will include compliance with data privacy laws in every territory it operates in. For a global enterprise, navigating each country’s unique laws would be a manual nightmare. But ServiceNow can automate those processes and ensure compliance – even across multiple departments, apps, and functions – saving you money and manpower.

Some of the key privacy protection capabilities the GRC suite offers include:

  • Importing data privacy requirements and descriptions through Policy Management
  • Distributing and tracking Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Executing risk evaluations and managing issues
  • Managing audit engagements
  • Addressing data subject requirements and requests

Want to see more on how ServiceNow can help deliver data and privacy protection and explore other use cases? Download the whitepaper now and read on.

ServiceNow GRC