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Behind the Scenes at ServiceNow: How ServiceNow Uses Their Own Platform In HR

This preview is based on ServiceNow’s publication, “Now and Now: Consumerizing and Accelerating HR Services.” Get a taster below, or read the full text here.

Strategic HR leaders are continuously finding ways to tackle their top challenges; managing change, workforce planning, and developing leaders that want to stay within their company.

ServiceNow is no different. They have scaled at an exponential rate and as such, experience the same pains. Throughout their growth, they have taken pride in giving their employees a positive experience within the workplace.

Not only is a great workplace something hardworking employees deserve, but it also allows them to get the best talent possible. ServiceNow believes that the happier the employee, the better they perform. It also means they can more easily establish trust and loyalty between employee and employer.

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This experience begins even before a new employee’s first day of work. ServiceNow’s human resources team makes sure their new employees get all the information and support they need before they come into the office. Because they already have completed certain new employee tasks beforehand, this saves the HR team and the employee more time. When they do show up for their first day, the HR team can easily ensure everything is ready for the employee. The time they have gained also means they can be productive to the company much sooner.

It wasn’t always this simple, though. Once they switched to ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, an application intended to improve efficiency and speed in HR, they completely transformed the way their HR team works. 

Manual onboarding processes consumed our ServiceNow HR team…

While our HR team has always delivered a good onboarding experience, we used to rely on manual processes to get the job done. Our staffing coordinators spent long hours quarterbacking the onboarding process, ticking off checklists, and sending dozens of requests to other teams for workspaces, computers, phones, payroll system updates, credit cards, orientation training, and more. This was time-consuming and inefficient, and it didn’t deliver the best possible onboarding experience. “You only have one chance to create a great first impression. You can’t do that if you’re overwhelming new hires with information by email. We made things work, but we weren’t delivering a truly satisfying consumerized experience,” says Danielle Lulley, senior manager, HR business systems and applications.

Scaling to support business growth

As our growth continued to accelerate, it became clear that these manual processes wouldn’t scale. According to Danielle, “We needed to onboard hundreds of employees every year, and that number was increasing rapidly. There was no way we could keep up using spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails. We had to automate. We couldn’t support our business growth. And, even if we could keep pace, HR would be consumed by back-office administrative activities, rather than giving our employees the attention they deserve.” That’s when we decided to use ServiceNow for enterprise onboarding.

Accelerating onboarding with Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

By moving from manual work to automated workflows using ServiceNow® Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, we’ve accelerated and streamlined our onboarding processes. When an employee is about to join, HR only has to enter new hire data once. Forms, documents, and databases are populated automatically. Then, ServiceNow automatically assigns onboarding tasks to our HR, facilities, IT, and other teams, and manages these tasks to completion. Our HR team constantly monitors the status of these tasks, so if anything starts to go off track, the team takes corrective action.

With ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, HR has complete visibility. Danielle explains, “Now we have [ServiceNow] Performance Analytics dashboards that give our staffing coordinators real-time visibility of the onboarding process. These dashboards also give us key metrics so that we can measure how we are doing and drive further process improvements. And that visibility isn’t limited to HR—hiring managers can also easily see how things are progressing.”

All in all, with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, every company (including ServiceNow itself!) can provide the best possible experience for the employees. This development has saved the company time, money, and frustration while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. ServiceNow understands the great value of their employees, which is why they use HR Service Delivery.

For more information on the benefits of ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery, make sure you click here for the full publication.

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