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Fast-Growing Biomed Company Commits to Transformation, Getting a Total Service Portal Rework in the Process

A fast-growing biomed company who is known for pioneering gene therapy employs over 800 people across the United States and Europe with the common goal that people facing potentially fatal conditions with limited treatment options can live their lives fully.

Its innovations are brought to life through multiple labs and manufacturing facilities including offices in Seattle WA, Durham NC, and Zug Switzerland. As demand for innovation and personalization in the healthcare and biotech industry increases, alongside a rise in aging populations, this company is expected to continue to grow at a rapid rate and remain one of the hottest in the country.

Finding a Partner To Support Rapid Growth

The company’s success of disrupting the healthcare system, creating research transparency, and public education, came with its own set of unique challenges. To start, the biomed needed to revamp its existing Service Portal in order to maximize potential and be able to scale with its rapid growth. But more than that, they had their eyes set on the next couple of years and the digital transformation that would be required to stay competitive.

Finding the right partner was crucial to helping them keep pace with their success, so they didn’t waste time in their search. Jumping right in, they contacted Acorio, noting our extensive published thought leadership and asked for our take on their goals. From the first conversation Acorio provided guidance and a personalized approach to the biomed’s ServiceNow transformation.

Pivoting to a Strategic ServiceNow Vision

Acorio’s first step as a partner was to offer its Advisory Services with the ultimate goals of:

  • Better understanding the organization’s ServiceNow environment and how it was built
  • Identifying major pain points
  • Defining which features they needed most
  • Determining how its existing Portal could be updated to better serve employees and customers

This Advisory approach was focused on digging in deep to review the biomed’s current system so that they could provide accurate, in-depth feedback and analysis before embarking on a full ServiceNow transformation. By taking this step back to review and collaborate, the biomed was able to pivot its strategy beyond a just a simple Portal upgrade and create a plan for a more strategic transformation. Together, Acorio and the biomed determined that many processes could be added and built onto their ServiceNow platform to help streamline their efforts and reach their growth goals.

From Portal Refresh to Enterprise Transformation

With the advisory consulting, the company identified a lack of formal structure for submitting IT requests as a major obstacle to their growth. With no formal request system, employees were apt to send emails, call, and even walk around the offices to find help – leaving the IT department in the dark on how many requests were coming in, what types were most common, and what follow ups were needed. The biomed hoped a ServiceNow ITSM implementation would staunch this flow of service calls and emails to their IT reps, allow them to track request volume and progress, and free up some of their reps’ time to help them manage other demands more efficiently.

But IT tracking was only the beginning.

The enterprise had been using their existing Service Portal for about two years. They initially chose a pre-built Portal from a previous consulting partner with the hopes that a complete Portal made by an experienced consultancy would be easier to implement and adopt than starting from scratch with something brand new. However, this pre-built Portal wasn’t cutting it. Because it was built to be “one-size-fits-all” it had no way of being adapted to the very specific needs of the biomed company – some of which were important industry and legal requirements – and they soon found themselves dissatisfied with its capabilities and ease of use.

Acorio knew that despite struggles with its adoption and ease of use, the Portal did not need to be scrapped entirely. The Acorio team was able to peel back functionality and reconfigure the Service Portal in a way that better served the organization’s needs, giving them:

  • An established CMDB in ServiceNow
  • Improved ITSM capabilities
  • Enhanced catalog structure and taxonomy
  • A complete rebuild of the Portal’s user interface
  • A foundation for future automation

Flexibility Fosters Digital Transformation

The organization also had an ITBM implementation planned for later on in their ServiceNow journey, but the Acorio team knew it would better serve their needs if implemented in conjunction with ITSM and the redesigned Portal. They brought it to the forefront of the company’s roadmap, revising it and shifting other projects to a later date – further highlighting how important it is to remain flexible and willing to adapt plans as new needs, or new understandings of needs arise.

Keys to Success

1. Early Buy-in Sets the Stage for Long-term Success

A critical element of this project’s success was early buy-in from decision makers. The platform owner had a firm view that ServiceNow could be the answer to their current problems and was able to persuade top-level decision makers to agree. Starting with a solid plan and being able to define real steps needed to realize it showed executives that this platform upgrade was something that could deliver real results.

Working with Acorio’s Advisory team, the platform owner put an extended two-year plan for the expansion of their ServiceNow platform in place. Already having a vision in mind for the organization’s roadmap helped secure buy-in from stakeholders early on and keep expectations aligned. By demonstrating this success with ServiceNow, the project has been approved for an additional expansion – including a $1M budget for hiring additional hands.

2. Be Flexible with Roadmaps

A well-thought-out roadmap is essential to a successful ServiceNow implementation. In Acorio’s 2019 Insight & Vision Survey, over half of respondents reported having a strategic roadmap in place – an 8% increase from the previous year. But even with a solidly defined plan in place, it’s important to remain agile and open to change when undertaking your ServiceNow journey.

Part of Acorio’s Advisory approach included coaching the biomed on how to rework their roadmap along the way, moving certain implementations forward and shifting some to the future according to their fast-changing business needs and user feedback.

Looking to the Future

Faced with rapid changes and growth, the biomed needed to implement a successful, usable, and efficient Service Portal solution.

But there are no magic beans – the biomed realized it was up to them to set up a plan and climb towards their own success.

Because of Acorio’s Advisory Service, the company was able to reframe their thinking and make their ServiceNow plan more strategic than just a Portal redesign and ITSM implementation. Working together, the biomed’s platform owner and the Acorio team showed executives the value of the platform and how it could be customized to suit their specific needs and set them up for success.

The entire organization was impacted by the implementation of this project. Since implementing ITSM, ITBM and their new Service Portal, there’s been a 180-degree shift in the perception of IT and support services.

What’s coming next for this rapidly growing biomed? An expansion of its ITBM suite, including a Discovery implementation, Idea and Demand, and Project Management, is on the docket for the next year. They’ve also been approved for an expansive platform upgrade and are planning on hiring three new employees to oversee the project.

This fast growing biomed proves that whatever your business goals are, your ultimate success with ServiceNow depends on an effective, up-front strategic vision for the platform. Having a trusted partner can make all the difference. To help you get started, check out our Advisory Workbook.

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