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Boston Globe Names Acorio #1 “Top Place to Work” for Small Employers in Massachusetts

We spend a lot of time at Acorio making sure we all are having the best work experience possible for ourselves and those who work here. We have listening tours and quarterly sit-downs to review career progression, plus “VibeTribe” and Culture Club meetings, and engagement initiatives focused on creating an “employee experience” that people love.

Our employees are the reason we have grown into one of the premium brands in the ServiceNow partner ecosystem. We offer our clients the best and brightest consultants to help with digital transformation using ServiceNow; and they can only carry that torch if our team is continuously challenged and rewarded.

How we made it happen

Five months ago, we told our employees about the Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work,” crossing our fingers, wondering how we might compare against other companies. Just yesterday, we were surprised and incredibly honored to be named as Boston Globe’s #1 “Top Place to Work” for small employers in Massachusetts, among so many other inspiring companies.

The metrics examined by Energage (formerly WorkplaceDynamics), a company specializing in employee engagement and retention, measured employee opinions about Acorio’s direction, execution, connection, management, work, pay and benefits, and engagement. Nearly 75,060 employees from 334 companies in Massachusetts submitted responses

Culture is deliberate at Acorio. Through the past five years, we’ve worked hard to design and cultivate the special alchemy that is us. If you’re interested in learning more, you can catch up on some of our culture blogs. (Hint: Start off with our Culture Code, and then read a little bit about our Onboarding Process.)

 As you can see, we search high and low for the “right fits” (you can read about our hiring strategy here), and like to think our workplace credo (extraordinary but… weird, peculiar, eccentric, FUN!) is a reflection of our team and core to the growth we see.

That said, it’s incredibly humbling and rewarding to place first among so many stand-out companies in Boston. To celebrate this accomplishment, we asked a few team members to share their own thoughts on how far we’ve come since opening our doors in January of 2013 and all the favorite Acorio memories they’ve made since!

There is only us

I was at Knowledge working for another partner, and Acorio’s booth was kitty-corner to ours.  I looked over and saw the Acorio team talking to folks, laughing and enjoying the night… Total opposite from what I was doing.  I realized that to keep working towards my dream job, I needed to be where the happiness was! Now I am!
– Dale Meyer-Curley, Business Process Consultant, Acorio Proud since 2015


I am so proud of how far Acorio has come and the team that has made it happen. Every one of our employees contributes to our success, and makes it such a fun place to work.
– Ken Michelson, VP of Platform Solutions, Acorio Proud since… well, he founded it!


My favorite memories of Acorio are a mixture of public and private moments. I’ve always enjoyed our get-togethers like the Power Pads or the Hackathons when we get to really know each other. I’m also so proud of the moments where we shine. The clearest example of that is when customers stop by our booth at Knowledge just to see the people they’ve had success with.
– Adam Mason, VP of Solutions and Innovation, Acorio Proud since 2013


When we first started, we would all sit outside for lunch together for sometimes 2 hours. That very quickly changed to barely having time to eat lunch or making sure you put lunch in your calendar so you remembered to eat! I’ve been so impressed by our ability to grow a company successfully and still maintain the culture of people wanting to sit outside and eat lunch together. We might never get to do it anymore, but the appreciation and eagerness to get to know your colleagues on a personal level is still there.
– Victoria Carroll, Regional Sales Manager, Acorio Proud since 2013

Thanks to the Boston Globe for recognizing Acorio as the #1 “Top Place to Work” for small employers in Massachusetts and for all of our hard-working employers who make working at Acorio so rewarding.

To read more, check out the Boston Globe’s article about Acorio here or see the complete list of “top places to work” here.

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