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Breaking News: ServiceNow Launches Kingston [Machine Learning, AI, UX…Oh My!]

ServiceNow Kingston

Breaking News: 5.00 pm Thursday, January 11th 2018.

As the pick me up you need right before you start to head home for the day ServiceNow has released their newest upgrade, Kingston.

Download our full bulletin to get all the highlights from the ServiceNow Kingston release, or skim just a few previews below.

Let’s get right to the good stuff

With the ServiceNow’s new Kingston release, fans will not only get new functionality for a richer user experience but enjoy important strides in perhaps the most anticipated areas area of the day: machine learning and automation.

Every release brings us more expansion across the ServiceNow Platform, and Kingston is no exception, adding new features and functionality including advances in the ServiceNow Platform, CSM, HR Service Delivery, ITOM, ITBM, Performance Analytics, Security Operations, GRC, and, of course, IT Service Management (including Software Asset Management). Taken in context, these new capabilities make a strong case that ServiceNow is setting itself up to act as the technology backbone for modern organizations (so keep an eye out for future platform plays!).

Further, Kingston is the platform’s first true foray (for ServiceNow) into Intelligent Automation (via RPA, Smart Workflows, and some preliminary AI and Machine Learning opportunities) – which has gotten everyone from our executives to our core developers really excited for the future.

Obviously, with a list this comprehensive, it would take a while to go through every nuance of the Kingston release. In this Bulletin, we will restrict ourselves to the most significant technology updates and their consequences for three key constituencies: the administrators who implement and manage ServiceNow on their systems, the corporate service providers who use ServiceNow to meet internal and external requests, and the end-user customers (both internal and external) who submit requests and receive services through the platform.

Machine learning for everyday work

ServiceNow has acquired and integrated a number of new products to help it reach its machine learning goals for intelligent automation. Specifically, Kingston offers new “agent intelligence” that analyzes historical data to categorize and direct work to the appropriate assignment groups in two areas:

  • IT Service Management: Agent intelligence will categorize and assign work. (Prioritization will still follow the ITIL Framework recommended practice using Impact and Urgency)
  • Customer Service Management (CSM): Agent Intelligence will categorize and assign cases as well as prioritize work.

Why you should pay attention:

For an additional “per prediction” charge that accommodates scaling at the enterprise’s own pace, ServiceNow’s new agent intelligence capabilities can automate assignment responsibilities, reducing human administrative burdens. With greater automation, agents can spend “less time in the ticket” and more time resolving customer incidents quickly and accurately. Over time, agent intelligence will become the building block for auto-resolution, fulfilling service requests without manual input.

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