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Building a ServiceNow Roadmap to Move Beyond Project-by-Project Success [AVA eBook]

Does this sentence describe you?

You’ve been rolling through your ServiceNow platform, but primarily working on a project-by-project or rollout-by-rollout basis.

If the answer is yes, then you need a roadmap to prioritize your activities and requests to achieve ServiceNow’s full ROI potential. Check out the following excerpt from our AVA eBook, or download a free copy here to get all the details.

Building Your ServiceNow Roadmap for Longer Term Success

With Acorio Virtual Assistance (AVA), our clients gain the extra set(s) of hands they need to maintain and expand their ServiceNow instance.

A few months ago, we walked through one common scenario that our customers see that can overwhelm or delay any internal ServiceNow platform team, and just two weeks ago we chatted about how to configure and customize your ServiceNow platform.

We think all of that is great, but, what about long-term success? Are you receiving the full ROI that the ServiceNow platform is capable of?

The Solution

Working with a certified partner is a structured opportunity for you to refine your strategy, collaborate with proven industry leaders, and learn the best way to bolster your ServiceNow experience.

As an ITIL framework, ServiceNow adheres to a philosophy of continuous improvement. Understanding how to maximize the effectiveness of your instance with the least impact on your team and users, all while delivering on time and mitigating risk is critical to the success of any ServiceNow project.

A strategic roadmap process can offer your ServiceNow Administrators a reliable way to manage and prioritize your ServiceNow goals and timelines (and keep your train pointed in the right direction!)

Tips to Maximize Your Support

  • Involve critical stakeholders up front: Strategize with your team and stakeholders on upcoming objectives. In many cases, your stakeholders don’t meet
 regularly. Understanding their input to your objectives could ultimately change your focus. A slight alteration in your course of action could help or further hinder a stakeholder. Seek to understand, then be understood.

“Understanding [your stakeholders] input to your objectives could ultimately change your focus. A slight alteration in your course of action could help further hinder a stakeholder. Seek to understand, then be understood.”

  • Keep the ServiceNow corporate roadmap in mind: Knowing the ServiceNow landscape is crucial; this insight equips you to investigate your instance in detail and better understand its role within your organization. Look for a partner with access to pre-release instances, documentation, and training — and use this to your advantage! Knowing what is coming around the “ServiceNow” corner can save you development efforts (and licensing fees) down the line.
  • Solve for Business Value: Seek to understand how to incorporate additional business value in your instance. Acorio has a foundation of professionals who have years (in most cases, decades) of real business experience, and who knows how to express value to your business.
  • ServiceNow should serve as a positive example for all of Information Technology by adhering to code validation, change windows, documentation, and other best practices.

Questions to Ask Your Partner

  • What does your roadmap process look like?
  • How do you work with clients to ensure that continuous improvements can be made to our instance even once it has been rolled out?
  • Who should be involved in Roadmap sessions? If they don’t ask questions about the various stakeholders, they will lose an opportunity to maximize your return on this partnership.
  • How does your company stay ahead of the ServiceNow learning curve?
  • How many roadmap sessions has your company completed? Then ask, What percentage of those clients engage you to assist them with the next steps of their roadmaps?

The advice doesn’t end here. Be sure to download your free copy of our AVA eBook, to get advice on everything ServiceNow, including suggestions on how to customize your platform, and what to ask when you are choosing a ServiceNow partner.

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