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The Candid Podcast | Episode 2: Finding Your Passion in ServiceNow

Last month, we announced our new podcast, Candid, which breaks down how we’re empowering our clients to drive digital transformation with ServiceNow – with stories directly from the consultants sitting across the table from you. In each episode, one of our own passionate and talented employees brings you lessons (and the occasional battle story) of the projects they work on with clients to form their business outcomes. No matter the project, we can and we did.

In this month’s episode of the Candid podcast, I sit down with Platform Solutions Consultant and Slack King, Ryan Gillespie. We talk about everything ranging from his journey as a ServiceNow consultant, his love for Asset Management, forming a great company culture, and even a shark tank idea for a meal kit company running on ServiceNow.

Being in the Weeds and Finding Your Passion

If that Arby’s Hawaiian shirt hasn’t enticed you enough to begin the podcast immediately, read a quick excerpt of the podcast, starting at minute 5:22:

Devon Clarke (Host): As a consultant who has been in the shoes of a Sys Admin for a company, does that help you a lot? Just having something to relate to?

Ryan Gillespie (Guest): Yeah, I think that’s where the diversity of Acorio comes into play, because we have people that have probably been a consultant longer than I have been both a consultant and working with ServiceNow that have a lot of strong consultancy experiences that they’re able to share that I can learn from coming from the business. So, I think that, again, it comes down to maybe being more relatable. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and so I’m able to share those experiences. I know what you’re trying to do, I can see where you’re trying to go with this, there’s a better way to do this. And everybody’s just rule-receptive.

I tell people to get in the weeds. I like to get in the weeds with our clients – just elbow deep in the platform. I get to show them things they may otherwise not know, and I feel like long term, it really helps them to actually see how these things work. I can take that whole, I’ve been there, done that, I’ve got the t-shirt, I’ve got the bruises…let’s do it this way, and let me take you along this journey. I’m not going to read the story to you, I’m just going to show you. We’re going to go through the story together.

Clarke: So, what’s an example of that? What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve been on?

Gillespie: There is a client that I’m working with right now that is very passionate about Asset Management, and they are in the same spot that I was in when I first started. The company has already been using the platform for a few years now, and they recognize this need for Asset Management because they have stuff everywhere. They’re tracking it all, but they’re tracking it all in different systems, so they want to use ServiceNow to consolidate. Perfect! ServiceNow has the various integration capabilities, out of the box it does basically what everybody’s trying to do anyway. It comes down to essentially just showing them that it’s actually easier to do this “thing” than it is in their current software.

It’s cool to help guide them down this path and have them ask me questions like, “This is where we are right now, how do we handle stockrooms? How do we handle our labs? Classrooms? Or conference rooms? How do we track and maintain that stuff?” And so, it’s really neat, and actually, a lot of fun for me to revisit where I started building all this stuff out and go back on that journey with people. I’ve learned so much along that path, and it’s just interesting to see how other people think about things and build off that.

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